Bat Shit Crazy Elephants

Not sure where to start on this one.  I think as I eluded to in the fall with some HIGHlarious videos (here and here) of Republicans saying stupid shit, I was amused by how the GOP’s primaries were shaping up.  I am still amused and not at all disappointed.  Although I have to say some of what […]

He was a good person

He was flawed and he suffered for it, but not enough for a lot of people who hated his family and his politics. The fact he was privileged and fought for the little guy left the haters with their only ammunition being a tragic mistake that he asked forgiveness for. It would be nice if […]

America the beautiful

                What a day!   We don’t have TV at our Patagonia house so we invited ourselves to the house of some Americans that spend 5 months a year in Junin fishing and relaxing.  They have DirectTV.  It ended up to be quite the celebration.  The food theme was American..BBQ chicken, […]

Just because this will sooth my need to make things whole

Most who know me would describe me as relaxed, laidback, unflappable or in my husband’s opinion, sleep-walking. I am in reality, anal and neurotic about a few things. There needs to be the appearance of order, it doesn’t have to be real, but I want it to look nice and neat and have continuity. Its […]

I am stunned…

I think I am also tired.  With opposing day light savings now, New York is 3 hours earlier. I was up with my 12 year old and husband until 4:00 this morning watching the returns.  I had a 6:45 am  wake up to get the politically un-insane (too young) to school.  I have tried to go back […]

Welcome back into the fold

Well granted, he didnt say anything positive about Obama, but God bless him. It makes you realize how effective Bill can be and this is the most powerful argument against casting a McCain/Palin vote.

My head has exploded

I really need a break from the world and all the bad news.  It would also help if this election was over and won already.  I am feeling confident that it will be won by Obama and the progressives.  If only we could fast forward to November 5th and this never-ending electoral  process would be […]

Now I am offended

Dear John: It takes a lot to offend me. I worked on a trading desk full of misogynistic males for nearly a decade. And as charming as they could be, they could be pigs. But now I am really pissed off. Did you really think that you could pull me into your cynical, mean world […]


That how many days until this doufus is gone.  Its 152 days too long.  Its been 2769 days too many.

Its like being prom queen of the world

It’s so great being the most popular kid in the class. Everyone loves America. We know how to treat our friends and piss off our enemies. I don’t think our reputation could be much worse. Maybe, soon they will have less reason to hate us, not that we are proactively doing anything about it. Our […]

I dont have the words

Since Tuesday, I have been reading a lot of post game analysis of the primaries, the speeches from Tuesday and the aftermath.  There is a lot of speculation on the battle ahead against McCain, the VP selection and how do we get Hillary’s most rabid supporters to support Obama.  But I will let the better […]

Hey Hillary

How did you find my blog? I figured you more of a Politico or Salon reader, not a obscure personal blog that for the time being is obsessing on the Democratic Primary. Be sure to leave a comment. I admire you. To be honest, I am an Obama supporter but I do admire you. In […]

It’s time for Kitty Cat Porn

Yes, its Tuesday and there are some primaries going on (Kentucky/Clinton and Oregon/Obama). No surprises tonight. Clinton wins the third leg in the Appalachian triple crown (West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania) in another blowout. The hillbillies hard working white people in these states wont vote for Obama. Oregon looks good for Obama but I wont stay […]

The Good, the Bad and the Depressing

First the Good. He is a good guy and a courageous guy. Just watch his video, it says it all. There are ways to support his legal defense effort or just send him an email and say “right on”. Now the Bad. Kathleen Parker. She is bad. Somehow her syndicated column gets picked up at […]

Fucking Unbelievable

I guess I just fell off a turnip truck or something..Its is just hard for me to believe that there are still people that believe this way. It made me cry.

Its Primary Tuesday again….

Up today is West Virginia. Hillary Clinton is supposed to win buy tons… Its not exactly his demographic. White, working class with limited education. So I guess that makes him an elitist..or Appalachian America is a bit racist??? Its a good thing no one reads this blog because I am sure it this decisive remark […]

My head is back above water..

I am ashamed to say that my lack of writing has little to do with my very complicated life of multiple children, a retail concern to be managed and grown, and big logistical issues to resolve concerning our living situation here in Argentina. My lack of blog entries has everything to do with my compulsive, […]