Bat Shit Crazy Elephants

Not sure where to start on this one.  I think as I eluded to in the fall with some HIGHlarious videos (here and here) of Republicans saying stupid shit, I was amused by how the GOP’s primaries were shaping up.  I am still amused and not at all disappointed.  Although I have to say some of what […]


I had prepared  the below post yesterday about the Blunt Amendment. Fortunately, the Blunt Amendment failed, barely 48-51. Then things just got weirder.  I have updated the original post at the end. What the hell is going here?  There are some pretty crucial pieces of legislature that Congress should be considering to keep our country on the road […]

High School Politics

I am not talking about what my oldest is dealing with at the high school.  I am alluding to the politics of Argentina.  Politics here has always been a little crazy and not easy to explain.  Elections are transparent in their corruption.  Despite the politics in the States being crazy-assed, I dont think I could […]

Do they get the irony?

My guess is they don’t.  Humor and  irony have a hard time co-existing with fear and hate. Until I can get this to embed..use this link, its excellent. And for a laugh

This makes me smile

The above photo is from a protest by the Westboro Baptist Church (they hate everyone in the name of God) that took place at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco in January.  On the right you can see an example of  the brilliant and hilarious counter protest.  To see more if the silliness go here. It’s […]

What the hell is going on?

While GM has opinions about politics, he never engages me in conversation about politics. He generally will avoid being brought into a conversation with me or anyone else that attempts to take him into this unsavory realm. And every once in a while GM and I entertain the idea of moving back to the States.  Recently, […]

Its not funny anymore

I think today the line has been crossed.  This isn’t about crazy ignorant people making a bunch of noise about something they don’t understand.  Today a journalist/analyst/douche (granted for a piece of shit media outlet) made the argument that a military coup would alleviate the “Obama” problem.  You can read it here.  This is a […]

The Stoopids

I am not going to write much about this because it makes my head hurt thinking about what a royal waste of time it is even trying to engage these people in meaningful conversation.  My new strategy is to ignore them completely and maybe they will go away.  Or at the very least, have a […]


There is no other way to put it.  The crazy train is packed with loons from the right.  They hate this president as much as my son hates taking a bath.  But instead of going somewhere and hiding to avoid contact with water, they are they squeakiest of the squeaky wheels. I think we have […]

I think we might have hit the crazy ceiling

Well Sarah and Michelle are working overtime this vacation.  Tag teaming Obama on the “Death Panel”.  Funny cant seem to find anything about the “Death Panel” in  reputable sources dealing with the Health Care legislation and proposals that are be discussed right now.  I guess if you are good at putting on makeup you are […]

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, you have been pwnd!

Here he is getting pwnd. And here just being an asshat. These guys really are a endless well of hilarity.  Got to love em.  I am streaming the hearings.  There is nothing to in BA since everyone is staying at home except for important stuff like shopping for food and apparently for me, getting your […]

What the hell is going on?

There are news cycles when stories just telescope on each other and things get weirder and wilder.  The last few weeks have been like that, so action packed with political revolutions, coups, a slew of celebrity deaths including one super icon and another, regular icon, and then for dessert you get an extremely large serving […]

I just met a girl named Maria

I don’t know why this story cracks me up so much.  I am sure it is not so funny to his wife and four beautiful boys.  I am not feeling so bad for Governor Mark Sanford though.  What a monster of a hypocrite he has turned out to be.   He was a vocal part of […]

Twitter is good for sumpin’

I don’t use Twitter, I barely use my Facebook, and I just don’t have enough time to add another thing in my life taking up space and making me feel guilty due to neglect.  Plus I don’t have a fancy PDA, Blackberry or IPhone..while they do exist in Argentina, I certainly don’t need one here […]

You lost and are lost

It really is all about being a really shitty loser.  These guys just cant believe it.  It happens.  God knows it has happen to me enough in my life time.  I lived through Nixon, Reagan, (who at the time seemed reactionary, now seems almost moderate) Poppy Bush (who at least wasn’t an idealogue) and then […]

The Sunday Paper

I always go first to Frank Rich, this week is no exception.  Which came first  torture or the Iraqi War? In case you havent heard, Wednesday is the 100th day of Obama’s administration.  There are lots of articles about what he has done and hasnt done.The Nation has a series of articles.  Its obviously complicated, they […]

I am stunned…

I think I am also tired.  With opposing day light savings now, New York is 3 hours earlier. I was up with my 12 year old and husband until 4:00 this morning watching the returns.  I had a 6:45 am  wake up to get the politically un-insane (too young) to school.  I have tried to go back […]