Lincoln International (what I will miss #6)

Despite appearances, I am still in political exile in Argentina.  The on air silence is due to the myriad of tactical items I have on my to do list.  Happy to report I have made some progress and I pretty much have done all I can do up to this point.  My priorities at the […]

The Weather (what I will miss #4)

/ Buenos Aires has awesome weather.  If you look at the stats, its hard to dispute.  Over 200 days of year with sunshine, average cold in the winter is 9c/48f  and average hot in the summer is 28c/83f.  Winters are mild, summers are hot and spring and fall are beautiful.  They only time you really […]


If you know us or know this blog you know that we are baseball fans, specifically Yankee fans.  And in a pinch, San Francisco Giant fans, which worked well for us last October.  And while GM played little league and high school ball, and I was a batgirl when Little League was boys only, Owen […]


Bad blogger, but I wont belabored it because reading a blog post about how the blogger has been a bad blogger has got to be one of the most boring things to read second only to the horrible news that is coming out of the Gulf hourly… We are leaving in two hours for six […]

I am so proud

I know in some circles it’s considered politically incorrect to patronize Starbucks. Give me a pass for my uncoolness and chock it up to being a expat who gets to enjoy her lowfat decaf Carmel Machiatto only in airports and when shopping Stateside with Tonje. Well as you can see below, Starbucks opened a location […]

Summer Reading

Since the weather has pretty much sucked since our arrival, there has been a lot of reading by the kids.  I enjoy talking with the librarian at the kid’s school about books for each of the kids to bring here.  She is extremely knowledgeable about children’s literature and she knows my kids and what they […]


Halloween was on a Saturday this year.  I don’t like it on the weekend, the only worse day would be Sunday.  Halloween and school related activities (parades, carnivals, classroom parties) in my memory are forever one of the best days of the year.  Everyone enjoyed it just fine.  This year we had the added fun […]

Swearing in Argentina

This is a post about swearing.  Hence there will  be swear words.  If they are offensive to you, it’s probably not a good idea to read on.  You have been warned. As passionate as Argentines are about food, wine, futbol and family they really come up short when it comes to swearing. After you have […]

Sunday Lunch

I think I have mentioned before that asado is a big part of life here.  Typically the weekend is when most people are either cooking their own, have been lucky enough to be invited to another’s asado or go to a restaurant that specializes in asado.  Yesterday, after an exhausting social calender this weekend, we […]

That’s one hairy 20-year-old

But he can play tennis and I like that he beat fashionista and sometimes tennis player Roger Federer.  Vamos Argentina! This epic win almost distracted us from the sport match that mattered last night , Yankees vs Angels.  Yankees pulled it out a win again and are securely leading their division.  This has been a […]

Not spoiling your kids

It’s a hard thing not to do.  You want to give them everything they want or sometimes the things you wanted as a kid.  You want to make them happy.  It’s a powerful desire.  But spoiling your kids has consequences.  They aren’t pretty and you have only yourself to blame. Living abroad alleviates some of […]

Maybe better than Maradona

I know I have written a fair amount of  posts about soccer on this blog and you might be thinking “enough”.  If your only exposure to soccer has been taking you school age kid to a game at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to the town fields,   I don’t blame you.  […]

Quarantine, Winter 2009

Its winter holidays right now. With the kids going to an international school we have 6 weeks in June/July and 6 weeks Christmas until the beginning of the February. Most schools in Argentina have 2-3 weeks off and start the second half of the school year the beginning of August. Well this has been a […]

My Favorite Current Photo

I am participating in a McLinky Thingy, curious how it affects traffic but more importantly, its a fun way of throwing darts around the world and making contact, in this case with moms. Here is a current photo of all the kids. While it might not look like much, it is a photo of all […]

Feliz Día de la Independencia

We had a kind of sad little 4th of July.  GM and Henry left for their respective destinations in the Northern Hemisphere last night so its me and three kids for the next few weeks.  The plan had been to go to the center to a Fourth of July party that the Argentine-American Cultural Institute […]

You take the good with the bad

I am exhausted.  I haven’t slept well in the last week.  Its has been a week full of late dinners, afternoons full of children’s parties and on Sunday it all culminated in one last asado.  It  was a last supper of sorts, I know that may be hyperbole and offensive to some, but it was […]