Better late than never: Henry’s birthday

Henry Turned 15 the beginning of December.  He had a chocolate cake to the extreme.  No photo this year but pretty much this again.  He is like a real teenager now, not a wannabe one.  Full on, talking about college, girls and driving a car.  Frightening!!!!  Here is pretty much what you get when trying […]

Pinstripes by Owen

If I had to pick one thing that was the best on our vacation it would be going to see the Yankees play in their new stadium.  The stadium  is really cool because its big and there are lots of things you can do during the game.  There is a Yankee Museum or you can […]


The Yankees are still the best franchise that ever played baseball.  By a lot.  Congratulation Yanks.  And thanks. Thank you for the best season of baseball I have ever experienced.  While this might not have been the most exceptional group of players to have played together, and maybe not even the best collection of games […]


Owen and I listen to the game on our crappy internet connection supplemented by phonetogs coming from GM and his friend, Geary who were fortunate to see the Yankees, in their new stadium, make it official, they are AL East Champs.  Here is a tribute to the Yanks for a great season and for Geary […]

The best weekend of baseball. EVER.

If you are a Yank  fan. And we are.  GM, Owen and myself hardcore.  Cal and Henry are enthusiastic fans.  Georgie not so much. The Yanks swept the Red Sox in 4 games.  This is after having being swept by them for the last 2 series.  The highlight was the win Friday night.  Even if […]