Better late than never: Henry’s birthday

Henry Turned 15 the beginning of December.  He had a chocolate cake to the extreme.  No photo this year but pretty much this again.  He is like a real teenager now, not a wannabe one.  Full on, talking about college, girls and driving a car.  Frightening!!!!  Here is pretty much what you get when trying […]

My Child, The Nazi

This weekend, after several months of rehearsals, Cal performed in the classic musical theater, Sound of Music.  This production was a middle school version.  Last night the whole family went to support Cal as he played various parts in the chorus.  Good Job Cal! While I applauded enthusiastically as Maria and Captain Von Trapp took […]

The Mother of all Chocolate Cakes

Henry just turned 14.  Hopefully, his only addiction in life will be his obsessive love of chocolate.  I don’t usually enable him but, its was his birthday.  Above are all the chocolate elements that made up his birthday cake.  It was good but you needed a tall glass of cold milk to choke it down. […]

Bed Headed Birthday Boy

Thursday was Cal’s 12th birthday.  Today he is having 4 buddies over for a sleepover.  He is outside making water balloons as we speak.  He is a cutie and will always be a needy, cuddly but wonderfully funny and ironic teddy bear.  I think Cal enjoys his birthday as much as anyone.  Loves being the […]

A Study in Contrast

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Argentina.  Several years ago I wrote about the Argentine version in this post.  It was also GM’s birthday so while it was Mother’s Day,  I couldn’t expect GM to cook his own birthday dinner and make his own birthday cake.  Although I spent quite a bit of yesterday in the […]

Guest Blogger: Callum O’Connell

My name is Callum O’Connell.  I make stop-motion animations with Legos.  I made my first one when I was in 4th Grade with my friend  Sherlock.  We made it about a dancing Bionicle but it was only like 5 seconds.  My second one was with my friend Marco and it was about Star Wars.  I […]

Happy Mothers Day to most of World*

But actually not here in Argentina.  We get to celebrate it in October again.  But as my husband likes to say, “Everyday is Mothers Day in Argentina….” How the fuck would he know? He is in Patagonia flying around on someones private jet and fishing at someones private fishing lodge as we speak.  This morning I was […]

Highlight of Summer Vacation – Haircuts

Its been a month now..sad to say in two weeks I will be returning to Buenos Aires with two of the kids that want to go back and start school with their friends. Funny, that is not one of my childhood memories, wanting to cut vacation short and go back to school.Its been great. We […]

Photos from Halloween

Here are photos from yesterday. MIA is Henry, who is almost 12 year old and recently has become a non-cooperative photo subject. He was a New York Yankee..His hair is a bit long to play for the Boss’s club but you will just have to trust me he is a cute ballplayer. His younger brothers […]