Technology is Good

I am not a luddite when it comes to technology.  I am probably a bit above average for my age (old) when it comes to how successfully I use digital media in my daily life.  I have, however, resisted listening to podcasts.  Partially because the amount of time I am already”connected” makes me feel uncomfortable. […]


Its 2016.  That means its a new year to make all sorts promises to myself regarding things I need to commit to, that will improve my health and happiness.  I also always proclaim I will write more in the next year.  Well I am going to try.  I think my content may be more political as […]

Mindfulness vs Mindlessness

Mindfulness:  Thinking (without speech) about the intent, purpose of an action, having a clear comprehension of a moment. It is not a new idea, its has genesis in both Buddhism and western philosophy.  The difference between the two is that in Buddhism it is a unconscious faculty that you acquire on your path to enlightenment   In […]

feels like spring to me

Despite all indications, it feels like it should be spring.  I guess 8 years is long enough for a body to acclimate to opposite seasons. Its spring in BA right now.  But I am ok with it being fall.  I love autumn and it is one of the things that I missed most when I […]

Re-entry in bullet points

I havent been very good about writing lately.  Things have been really busy; mostly in a good way but sometimes in a bad way.  I hope that I will build up some endurance for the bad stuff and that the pace of life here wont seem so crazy at some point, some point soon, I […]


And not in a good way.  I havent been able to get back into a routine since returning from Patagonia.  I am functioning, but barely.  I can get the kids to school, I can even get to the gym, but after that, until I have to get the kids from school and to their activities, […]

Who is Lonny, by the way?

In the corner of the blogsphere known as Homedesignland there was a party yesterday.  It was a coming out party for a new on-line magazine called Lonny.  Its been a tough year for print media and an especially tough one in the world of “shelter” magazines.  So the launch of Lonny by several Domino alums […]

UPDATED: The Argentine Mullet

I wrote this post years ago (literally). Its is my most viewed post and just yesterday it got over 40 hits, weird…So I thought I would take a look at it again and I was sorry to see that the link to some great mullet photos was no longer active.  I found a new one […]

The Sun has set on Twilight

It is not something I am proud of, but I am happy to say I have finish the last installment of the Twilight Quartet, Breaking Dawn. It should be clear, if you have read any of my other posts, I am not a fifteen year old girl.  I am a 47 year old woman with […]

Swine Flu can make you feel like crap

Obviously.  But apparently, it has made the Mexicans feel bad on the inside too.  In the NYTimes today, an article explores the stigma that this swine flu has inflicted on the collective self confidence of the Mexican people. Human beings need to evolve a little bit. I understand fear and how it can result in […]

Happy Anniversary Crappy Blogger

Its actually been a bit more that a year since I started writing this blog in earnest, and its an effort that leaves something to be desired. I guess I am a bit disappointed that I haven’t written more consistently and more creatively. There were times were I really enjoyed the writing, and was happy […]

My head has exploded

I really need a break from the world and all the bad news.  It would also help if this election was over and won already.  I am feeling confident that it will be won by Obama and the progressives.  If only we could fast forward to November 5th and this never-ending electoral  process would be […]

It’s time for Kitty Cat Porn

Yes, its Tuesday and there are some primaries going on (Kentucky/Clinton and Oregon/Obama). No surprises tonight. Clinton wins the third leg in the Appalachian triple crown (West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania) in another blowout. The hillbillies hard working white people in these states wont vote for Obama. Oregon looks good for Obama but I wont stay […]


  I have been happily ensconced in Patagonia now for a week.  It has been lovely.   We have had hot weather for so early in the season, but beautiful nonetheless, hot days and cool nights.  Perfect for swimming and sleeping.  There has been the usual chaos around the holidays in combination with setting up the […]

How to have a Merry Christmas

Full disclosure here, I dont know how to have an unadulterated Merry Christmas. I think the last time I had a totally Merry Christmas I was 5. After that, Christmas got complicated . Expectations began to exceed the reality. For many years to come, whether that disappointment came in the form of not getting what […]

Coming to and Living and Shopping in Amerika

Haven’t written for awhile because I have been stupid busy. I was in Miami for a week at the beginning of the month, back inBsAs for a week and then company came and then we went to Junin for Thanksgiving break. I have been wanting to write about my trip to Miami but just couldn’t […]


When we moved here almost 4 years ago from our home in suburban Connecticut, many friends and family didn’t get it. Because we chose to leave the country and move specifically to Argentina, it was incredulous to them that we were leaving our life in the States for apparently no economic upside and seemingly a […]

Day one and $68p later

Today we opened the store. It was a lot of fun. We had quite a few people walk in and look around, despite the rain. I think there were a fair number of people shocked by the prices (it is expensive) but almost everyone told us how beautiful everything looked and and several neighbors, many […]

Why I am depressed about the state of the world

After 6 years we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan After 9 months of a new Congress we don’t seem to be leaving Iraq and Afghanistan Its looking more and more like we are going into Iran Bush can inexplicably say “the Mandela is dead” in the middle of a press conference and no seems […]