Its been a hot wet summer.  All I can say is thank the gods for air conditioning.

Christmas Light Blues

For the last ten years or so, petite white fairy lights have been been adorning our Christmas tree. I do think they are pretty but I am ready to embrace color on my tree. Who am I kidding, I have been persuaded by Georgie to go for a little color this year and I have […]

Falling Water, of sorts

Well the tree house is done.  And its quiet impressive. There is a world famous troutstream running through it.  And there is some carefully crafted and esthetically pleasing furniture designed into the structure.  Its like Frank Lloyd Wright was an untrained architect/builder and a wine box is an beautiful and multifunctional built-in.  Use your imagination. […]

Stylist Intervention

I like a good shelter read.  Living in Argentina I have very much limited access to good design glossies.  Fortunately, the internet is a pretty decent substitute.  And I am not talking Lonny… yawn.  I am talking interior design blogs that edit out the boring crap and feature beautiful, provocative and sometimes insane interiors.  Some […]

Georgiana’s Garden

Although she has never particpated in the planning or subsequent care of the rose garden in the front of house, she claimed it as her own. Ever since she was old enough to articulate it, when she sees something beautiful, she declares it her her’s. Sometimes its my shoes, sometimes its the change that GM […]

The weather has been a bit crap

Actually, a lot crap.  We have been here 26 days and it’s been warm enough to swim in the lake or river a paltry two of those days.  It’s been incredibly windy (one day over 100 kph) and cold (not getting much above 20C/68F), making fishing and bike riding challenging, sunbathing a non starter and […]

Navidad en Patagonia

It was cold outside and cozy inside.  There was lots of baking and cooking.  We overdosed on Christmas music and enjoyed classic Christmas books and movies. Everyone must have been very good this year because we all got what we wanted, and more!

Who is Lonny, by the way?

In the corner of the blogsphere known as Homedesignland there was a party yesterday.  It was a coming out party for a new on-line magazine called Lonny.  Its been a tough year for print media and an especially tough one in the world of “shelter” magazines.  So the launch of Lonny by several Domino alums […]

New Spring Pots in time for Santa Rosa de Lima

Today was hot..unseasonably hot.  However, tomorrow that is all suppose to change and we will be getting the annual visit from the Tormenta de Santa Rosa.  Tormenta is the Spanish word for storm and there seems to always a big storm of rain, wind and snow in the mountains for 5 days before and after […]

This is where I have been

I have had a really nice last few days.   The 16 hour car ride across desert and plains should have been optional, but it was all worth it.  It rained or snowed the entire time when we were at the house in Junin.  Which for someone like my hyperactive husband can be problematic (although he […]

Primavera and flowers

There are few things that make me has happy as flowers and fresh flowers in my house make me just plain giddy.  Today I went to La Casita (the local florist on the train tracks in my village) for flowers.  I was ecstatic to find that spring flowers were in the mix. For the last […]

Mi Casa

This is going to be a  more than usual self-indulgent post.  While my posts are generally personal,  I hope that sometimes, they are observations or stories that touch on something relevant to the reader.   This post might not.  Its about me and my house project.  Now that we have closed the store, and Barbara […]