Theatre Extravaganza

One of the ways GM and I escape our children for an occasional 24 hours is to go into the city to catch a play.  Not a musical.  GM is not a musical kind of guy.  At all.  Thats fine with me.  I have been to a few of those and inevitably  their required sentimentality makes me […]

Motherly Inspiration

Although my mom passed away 14 years ago she is still omnipresent in my life.  I see her in my siblings and I see her in my children.  I hope to see her in me.  Especially as a mom.  Its a high bar, believe me.   I don’t think is all gauzy nostalgia.  Its hard to […]


Owen and I listen to the game on our crappy internet connection supplemented by phonetogs coming from GM and his friend, Geary who were fortunate to see the Yankees, in their new stadium, make it official, they are AL East Champs.  Here is a tribute to the Yanks for a great season and for Geary […]


First, a cute picture of Georgie.  Snuggly in her ski sweater and Grateful Dead ski headband.  I don’t think she realizes the  teddy bears are rainbowy and dancing because they are hallucinating.  She doesn’t need to know that. This morning we had Michael Jackson 101.  We watched all his greatest hit videos and some old […]

It looks like Michael Jackson is dead

Its a big news day..postmortem on Sanford presser, Farrah Fawcett dies:(, political movement to comprise in Iran and  just now Michael Jackson could be dead.  AND a Yankee/Atlanta Braves game at 8:05..Jeeezzzz, its a busy night. I am sitting next to my nine year old watching CNN/FOX/BBC coverage while explaining to him who Micheal Jackson […]

I hear you might not be feeling well…

I hope you get better soon.  We actually have some stuff in common…You went to Shakers Heights High, I went to Shaker Heights High.  You live in Fairfield County, I lived in Fairfield County.  You met my Dad through DNC related activities, I knew my Dad….  You are a great actor and a person who […]