First Saturday of March

It’s been awfully grey here lately. Grey with wind, sometimes grey with rain, always grey. But we are having a spot of sun. Even in the house you can feel it. Winter should be wrapping it up soon. This year there has not been much of an effort by winter. Not that I am complaining. […]

A look out my window

Its been an odd autumn.  The weather has been nutty with the hurricane and the early snow storm that both took place the last few months.  I hear the summer was super hot and wet.  So apparently that combination of weather factors has produced a rather anti-climatic foliage show this year. Its been dull.  Leaves […]

Irene is not my friend

We are now Irene +5 and no power. Happy to report no damage.  The kids were suppose to start school Tuesday, but because of a million good reasons;   non travelable roads for the buses, no power at one of the schools, flooding at another and the fact yet another was being used as a shelter […]

Too Much

I have been home for 2 weeks and I already feel like I am spinning out of control.  I am busy with daily life but my time is also rich in friends and travel.  I just don’t have enough hours in the day to enjoy the good stuff.  Its a good kind of problem to […]

We are back

For those up north, you probably dont want to hear me complain about the hot humid weather we came back to.  And I wont, because right now its absolutely gorgeous.  Maybe 80-82, a breeze, strong sun and dry air.  You probably dont want to hear about that either. The weekends are fine.  Great weather to […]


The kids are back to school.  It being winter is making getting back into the school routine difficult.  Upon our return from the States there were a lot of days spent sleeping and nights spent playing, like our new hamster, Bubble.  But last week, after several attempts to wean ourselves of our winter hibernation, we […]

Almost Abandoned

Not really, just feels like it.  Definately neglect.   Between a week long trip to New York with girlfriends, the critical fail of my laptop and thousands of photos from mutiple birthdays, Halloween, and the Yankees continued domination to edit (without my laptop) I have be ignoring my little blog.  I am back (without my […]

Beautiful but Cruel

Every night before I go to bed I have to check Owen’s blood sugar, he is a diabetic.  I then visit the other three.  I suppose I do it to check and make sure they are safe in their beds.  But I also like to remember them this way, totally relaxed and soft and peaceful.  […]


He is as dumb as a brick.  But he is sweet, attentive, loving and lovable and as you can see, beautiful.  He is also hopelessly devoted to his nutjob of a mom.  What is not to love?

Sunday Lunch

I think I have mentioned before that asado is a big part of life here.  Typically the weekend is when most people are either cooking their own, have been lucky enough to be invited to another’s asado or go to a restaurant that specializes in asado.  Yesterday, after an exhausting social calender this weekend, we […]

That’s one hairy 20-year-old

But he can play tennis and I like that he beat fashionista and sometimes tennis player Roger Federer.  Vamos Argentina! This epic win almost distracted us from the sport match that mattered last night , Yankees vs Angels.  Yankees pulled it out a win again and are securely leading their division.  This has been a […]

Not spoiling your kids

It’s a hard thing not to do.  You want to give them everything they want or sometimes the things you wanted as a kid.  You want to make them happy.  It’s a powerful desire.  But spoiling your kids has consequences.  They aren’t pretty and you have only yourself to blame. Living abroad alleviates some of […]

The Stoopids

I am not going to write much about this because it makes my head hurt thinking about what a royal waste of time it is even trying to engage these people in meaningful conversation.  My new strategy is to ignore them completely and maybe they will go away.  Or at the very least, have a […]

Lazy Sunday

Its not a long weekend here…but it has been a relaxing one.  Yesterday was a usual Saturday of driving around children to different activities and friend’s houses, but GM is quite helpful that way so between the two of us it was manageable.  Listened to a lot music and radio news, watched a baseball game […]

This is where I have been

I have had a really nice last few days.   The 16 hour car ride across desert and plains should have been optional, but it was all worth it.  It rained or snowed the entire time when we were at the house in Junin.  Which for someone like my hyperactive husband can be problematic (although he […]