Overheard at the Ice Rink

  “Come her right now!”  A petite and pretty 13 year girl sheepishly skates to the opening between the boards where her crazy ass mother is standing. “You are just disgusting!” “What?” as the skater coughs, drinks some much needed water and wipes her nose on the shoulder of her Lululemon jacket. “You heard me, that layback was […]

The Trip, day one, Leaving Buenos Aires to Santiago

Saying goodbye.  It sucked.  We said good-bye to the house, to the people that lived there with us and to our life in Argentina that we had been living for 7 ½ years.  I had been anticipating this goodbye for almost a year. Sporadic airport closures for the last few weeks leading up to our […]

This Breaks my Heart

When I read last week that Obama had signed an order requiring hospitals to allow for visitation rights for homosexual partners, I thought BFD.  Well of course hospitals will allow love ones to support a patient in need.  But then I remembered the wacky world we live in these days, and that there are people, […]

Nunca Mas

Today is a holiday, Dia de Memoria. It is a beautiful day.  There were lots of people walking around and I  noticed a big line at the local Freddo.  Near that ice cream shop, on the exterior wall of a car dealership,  I also noticed some new graffiti that loosely translates to “Here was a […]

He was a good person

He was flawed and he suffered for it, but not enough for a lot of people who hated his family and his politics. The fact he was privileged and fought for the little guy left the haters with their only ammunition being a tragic mistake that he asked forgiveness for. It would be nice if […]

It looks like Michael Jackson is dead

Its a big news day..postmortem on Sanford presser, Farrah Fawcett dies:(, political movement to comprise in Iran and  just now Michael Jackson could be dead.  AND a Yankee/Atlanta Braves game at 8:05..Jeeezzzz, its a busy night. I am sitting next to my nine year old watching CNN/FOX/BBC coverage while explaining to him who Micheal Jackson […]

You lost and are lost

It really is all about being a really shitty loser.  These guys just cant believe it.  It happens.  God knows it has happen to me enough in my life time.  I lived through Nixon, Reagan, (who at the time seemed reactionary, now seems almost moderate) Poppy Bush (who at least wasn’t an idealogue) and then […]

Swine Flu can make you feel like crap

Obviously.  But apparently, it has made the Mexicans feel bad on the inside too.  In the NYTimes today, an article explores the stigma that this swine flu has inflicted on the collective self confidence of the Mexican people. Human beings need to evolve a little bit. I understand fear and how it can result in […]


What do we do? I have a hard time imaging a scenario where it would be OK to unilaterally go into another country and usurp governmental power. There are so many historical examples of it being a really bad idea. There are 2 million people whose lives are in peril. They have lost their homes […]