Mindfulness vs Mindlessness

Mindfulness:  Thinking (without speech) about the intent, purpose of an action, having a clear comprehension of a moment. It is not a new idea, its has genesis in both Buddhism and western philosophy.  The difference between the two is that in Buddhism it is a unconscious faculty that you acquire on your path to enlightenment   In […]

Giving Thanks.

I am thankful for a lot.  Not the least being the mellow but festive weekend we had together.  No family.  Just us six.  Was a nice, low key way to enjoy our first Thanksgiving in years. The turkey results were mixed.  While it was eaten in its entirety between Thursday’s feast and hash Friday night, […]

feels like spring to me

Despite all indications, it feels like it should be spring.  I guess 8 years is long enough for a body to acclimate to opposite seasons. Its spring in BA right now.  But I am ok with it being fall.  I love autumn and it is one of the things that I missed most when I […]

Like a Monday morning

Its actually Tuesday.  Yesterday was a holiday for the kids.  Columbus Day.  When will we become more politically correct and abandon “Columbus Day” for “Explorers Day” or something else that dosent celebrate a specific asshole but the idea of opening up the world (by a bunch of unidentified assholes)? I am sitting here this morning, outside, […]