Bat Shit Crazy Elephants

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Not sure where to start on this one.  I think as I eluded to in the fall with some HIGHlarious videos (here and here) of Republicans saying stupid shit, I was amused by how the GOP’s primaries were shaping up.  I am still amused and not at all disappointed.  Although I have to say some of what is said by these dopes about social issues like birth control makes me uncomfortable.  I would expect some radical pro-life rhetoric but the fact that they are talking about simple access to contraception is frightening.

Not sure who I am rooting for.  My guess Santorum would be the best case scenario opponent.  Most radical, least fundraising potential and will look the least impressive against Obama in a debate (Mittens is close second and Gringrich isn’t far behind cause he can sound insane although he can think and talk at the same time.)

Mittens is a lightweight.  He cant talk off the cuff.  And while that doesn’t mean he is a dope or cant run a business, its sumpin to look for in a president.  There is nothing to indicate from anything I have heard him say that indicates any meaningful understanding of the world or interest in it (sounds like W to me and we know how that ended).  If the slow slog sideways trajectory of his campaign is any indication he has not surrounded himself with the brightest or most capable people.  Smart people can mitigate a less than engaged candidate but it cant save a seriously lacking one.  He and his people seem weak.  Not impressed at all.

Rick Santorum has the most compelling personal story but totally underwhelms on the professional side.  He was not an effective politician.  He rode in to the Senate in 1995  and then proceeded  to piss everyone off by being partisan, a bully, mean spirited and an over all jerk.  He lost/was thrown out  by a 18% margin in 2006.  Then he started his thinly veiled presidential campaign as a FOX News correspondent.  While he appears to be the most principled of the bunch and who’s family’s experience makes an compelling pro-life argument he is a hypocrite.  He was for both of the 911 wars and is pro-death penalty.  The road he has gone down on birth control in general has been unsettling.  Why is this even up for debate?  Good news, he will never be elected.  Woman would vote in droves to make sure of that.

Newt.  He is entertaining but is mean and preys on people’s fears.  I suppose I will give him intelligence.  I wish he could use it differently.  He is sharp and can think on his feet and when on the defense can be effective in a debate, I guess.  I only hear condescending smug, other people hear a feisty bulldog.   I think he is soulless as a politician.  What he has been Catholic for like a week and he becomes the Catholic church’s biggest defender:  “our countries biggest threat is the Obama Administration’s war against the Catholic Church and religion”.  You would think it has to make him cringe to say these things out loud.  But I highly doubt it. Newt scares me on foreign policy.  I don’t think he understands diplomacy. The fact that to date he is the pocket of a man who demands Israel expand the settlements and move the capital to Jerusalem should concern all Americans.  Seems insane for a rich casino owner in America to have all the cookies in the tenuous balance that has been negotiated for the last 40 years.

SO that’s why I am not voting for any of them.  You don’t have to even look at their individual stands on policy, or begin the defense Obama’s record at the helm. They are just a bunch of losers.

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Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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