The weather has been a bit crap

Actually, a lot crap.  We have been here 26 days and it’s been warm enough to swim in the lake or river a paltry two of those days.  It’s been incredibly windy (one day over 100 kph) and cold (not getting much above 20C/68F), making fishing and bike riding challenging, sunbathing a non starter and […]

A really long tale of moronic and rude client service

One of the great things about the internets is that you can avoid human contact when it comes to doing mundane things like buying plane tickets.  Its just so much easier to be able to look at your own computer screen and see all the flight options, prices, and seats than having someone have to […]

Stop the magic, please

I love Santa Claus and for the sake of cultural assimilation we celebrate Three King’s Day too. But I have had it with Raton Perez. In a period of two weeks, Along with Christmas and Three King’s duty, I have had to approximate three different visits from Raton Perez (and one was on Christmas Eve”). […]

Fucking Unbelievable

I guess I just fell off a turnip truck or something..Its is just hard for me to believe that there are still people that believe this way. It made me cry.