Since returning I have had numerous conversations with people, some I know and some I dont, about living in Argentina.  These conversations are generally short and inevitably end in me thinking really?  I try hard not to be superior or condensending about possessing a world view but really? Examples of some of the not so enlightened American prospective […]

The Trip, day one, Leaving Buenos Aires to Santiago

Saying goodbye.  It sucked.  We said good-bye to the house, to the people that lived there with us and to our life in Argentina that we had been living for 7 ½ years.  I had been anticipating this goodbye for almost a year. Sporadic airport closures for the last few weeks leading up to our […]

Lincoln International (what I will miss #6)

Despite appearances, I am still in political exile in Argentina.  The on air silence is due to the myriad of tactical items I have on my to do list.  Happy to report I have made some progress and I pretty much have done all I can do up to this point.  My priorities at the […]

The Weather (what I will miss #4)

/ Buenos Aires has awesome weather.  If you look at the stats, its hard to dispute.  Over 200 days of year with sunshine, average cold in the winter is 9c/48f  and average hot in the summer is 28c/83f.  Winters are mild, summers are hot and spring and fall are beautiful.  They only time you really […]

High School Politics

I am not talking about what my oldest is dealing with at the high school.  I am alluding to the politics of Argentina.  Politics here has always been a little crazy and not easy to explain.  Elections are transparent in their corruption.  Despite the politics in the States being crazy-assed, I dont think I could […]

We are back

For those up north, you probably dont want to hear me complain about the hot humid weather we came back to.  And I wont, because right now its absolutely gorgeous.  Maybe 80-82, a breeze, strong sun and dry air.  You probably dont want to hear about that either. The weekends are fine.  Great weather to […]

Lunch on the River

Today was beautiful.  It was perfect for the river.  We had a picnic/campfire and then swimming, riding the current down and reading in the dappled shade.  It was pretty idyllic until I was forced back into reality and faced the on going project of cleaning out closets and drawers.  Thanks to Cal I will have […]

Better Late than Never: Skiing in the Andes

GM took George and Owen to a ski mountain called Chapelco in northern Patagonia the end of last August.  Left me with Cal and Henry and their copious schoolwork loads.  As you can see from the video Cal edited, it was a nice place to be.  They lucked out with good snow and decent weather.  […]

Falling Water, of sorts

Well the tree house is done.  And its quiet impressive. There is a world famous troutstream running through it.  And there is some carefully crafted and esthetically pleasing furniture designed into the structure.  Its like Frank Lloyd Wright was an untrained architect/builder and a wine box is an beautiful and multifunctional built-in.  Use your imagination. […]

Biblical Times

We had been having pretty spectacular weather until New Year’s Eve Day.  It became humid and rainy.  In the following days we had thunder, lightening and hail.  All mostly unheard of in our semi desert micro-climate.  It felt quite biblical when the 7.1 earthquake hit yesterday in Chile.  It didn’t faze the kids as you […]

Christmas in Patagonia

Its been beautiful here since our arrival.  We made the desert crossing in record time thanks to GM’s compulsion to get here and to the fishing rivers that make him so happy.  We arrived to cool mornings, warm days and cold nights.  Perfect! We had a good friend from the states visit us for Christmas.  […]

El Mundial es mas Mundial

Just a short break from the ardous task of getting the kids to blog (with help from me) on their favorite part of our trip to the States. A major preoccupation during the first month of our trip was figuring out where we would be able to view the World Cup games.  Not just the […]

Hitting the Road for Easter

We are off to Patagonia for Semana Santa.  GM left with Georgie and Owen on Tuesday night and I leave with the sullen teenage boys tonight, on the bus.  Yes, the bus.  A 18 hour bus ride.  There are two reasons for taking a bus 1200 miles across a desert.  One, its is the most […]

Nunca Mas

Today is a holiday, Dia de Memoria. It is a beautiful day.  There were lots of people walking around and I  noticed a big line at the local Freddo.  Near that ice cream shop, on the exterior wall of a car dealership,  I also noticed some new graffiti that loosely translates to “Here was a […]

Summer Reading

Since the weather has pretty much sucked since our arrival, there has been a lot of reading by the kids.  I enjoy talking with the librarian at the kid’s school about books for each of the kids to bring here.  She is extremely knowledgeable about children’s literature and she knows my kids and what they […]

Field Trip to the Way of the Lord

Today the kids got a little religion.  There is a really unique park in the town of Junin de los Andes that marries a walk in the woods with the story of Jesus Christ.  Its called Via Christi (The way of Christ) and it’s the product of a local artisans taller (studio/workshop) in Junin.  Many […]

And summer begins…

Today the kids took their first plunge into the laguna.  The weather while cozy for cooking and reading, has been tough for playing outside, especially in water.  Its been unseasonably cold, wet and very windy.  It was a cold wet spring so the lake and even more so the river have not been hospitable to […]

Navidad en Patagonia

It was cold outside and cozy inside.  There was lots of baking and cooking.  We overdosed on Christmas music and enjoyed classic Christmas books and movies. Everyone must have been very good this year because we all got what we wanted, and more!