Falling Water, of sorts

Well the tree house is done.  And its quiet impressive. There is a world famous troutstream running through it.  And there is some carefully crafted and esthetically pleasing furniture designed into the structure.  Its like Frank Lloyd Wright was an untrained architect/builder and a wine box is an beautiful and multifunctional built-in.  Use your imagination. […]

Stylist Intervention

I like a good shelter read.  Living in Argentina I have very much limited access to good design glossies.  Fortunately, the internet is a pretty decent substitute.  And I am not talking Lonny… yawn.  I am talking interior design blogs that edit out the boring crap and feature beautiful, provocative and sometimes insane interiors.  Some […]

Who is Lonny, by the way?

In the corner of the blogsphere known as Homedesignland there was a party yesterday.  It was a coming out party for a new on-line magazine called Lonny.  Its been a tough year for print media and an especially tough one in the world of “shelter” magazines.  So the launch of Lonny by several Domino alums […]

Primavera and flowers

There are few things that make me has happy as flowers and fresh flowers in my house make me just plain giddy.  Today I went to La Casita (the local florist on the train tracks in my village) for flowers.  I was ecstatic to find that spring flowers were in the mix. For the last […]

5 design trends that need to stop..now

When I am not reading political blogs I am reading interior design blogs.  This morning I was looking at one such blog and the post was a house tour of a designer’s home.  Parts of it were gorgeous but my eyes started bleeding at the sight of the “Keep calm” poster.  Its a nice sentiment […]