Back in BA

Made it back to Buenos Aires yesterday and was welcomed by water damage and spotty electrical coverage in the house. Yea! But my enthusiasm for this day cant be squashed by our continuing and epic infrastructure issues. Today is Super Tuesday and I voted as a Democrat Abroad. I voted online and I printed my […]

Words of Wisdom

This was my first Presidential ticket. Actually it was probably McGovern/Shriver by the time I volunteered for the first of my many losing presidential campaigns. I can remember helping my sister Patty “canvas” the neighborhood. That had nothing to do with emails or telephones, it was walking around, knocking on doors and handing out flyers […]

My Man has Momentum

Perhaps I should stop using this high school-like photo of Obama. It reminds me of this guy I went to school with, Terry Thomas. No, not the poor man’s David Niven but a nice kid that was my lab partner through most of 10th grade Biology. I kind of remember doing most of the work. […]

Pondering a President

It looks as if my fantasy of Al Gore running for president has died a slow, lonely death. He has officially missed key ballot deadlines, so I have now officially (along with the DraftGore movement) given up on the dream of President Gore. Who am I going to vote for? I am going to vote […]

Is Bush Intelligent?(part three of seven)

Time to evaluate Bush’s Kinesthetic Intelligence. A person with good kinesthetic abilities processes knowledge through bodily sensations. This is someone who is athletic and a good dancer. Here is a comparative study of a dry drunk who I wish was ancient history and a dreamboat that I would love to see in the White House. […]

Worth A Read

Its been five years since his death. There can never be too many tributes to Paul Wellstone, this one is a video by a former student of Paul’s, who now is a teacher, and her students – The Magic Green School Bus Three new books out on Hugo Chavez; Revolutionary, Demagogue or Castro wannabe? Read […]

Will Friday be Goreday????

This is a question originally posed by lefty-communist-Osama loving DailyKos. I certainly hope that Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize (its looking like he might) not only because he deserves it for 30+ years of ecological activism but because then he might run for president. Why you ask? I don’t know, maybe it is […]

My political exile

It wont be easy for me to put this into one coherent post…so here is an incoherent one…. I am the product of economically progressive and socially liberal parents. I consider myself liberal relative to social issues and fiscally conservative (due to my handbag count, my husband would disagree) but with an emphasis on education […]