Lets Get the Party Started

Nothing works like a spawns’ birthday party to get me back to posting.  Hello , its me, its been awhile….. Its hard to believe it but the George is 8 years old now.  Her birthday was a week long celebration in part because of the nasty virus that hit her late in the night of […]

Pinstripes by Owen

If I had to pick one thing that was the best on our vacation it would be going to see the Yankees play in their new stadium.  The stadium  is really cool because its big and there are lots of things you can do during the game.  There is a Yankee Museum or you can […]

Made with love

This is what happens when your husband, 7 and 9 year old make your birthday cake. In the wrong sized pan, at the wrong temperature, for too long. My cake had a burnt crust that made up half of it’s mass. I am not complaining. With large quanities of whipped cream you bring any dessert […]

Smoking has its consequences

I feel like crap.  Just trying to hold it together until after tomorrow and then for sure I will  collapse and sleep 18 hours.  Tomorrow is Georgie’s birthday  and there are 25 little ones coming over for three hours tomorrow to be entertained.  Birthday parties for kids here deserves its own post, but not today, […]

If Princesses ruled the world

In the recent past a TV actress (I think it was the Flying Nun) was censored during a live award telecast because she said “there would be no goddamn war if the world was run by women.” While its probably true that we would not have this disastrous war, I am not sure that it […]