Why I did not get a pocket dog

I really wanted a little dog for my birthday.  A puppy that would stay a puppy.  Something small and something I could could take care of, would need me, I could control it and it would not have any big complicated problems.  I planted the seed with the kids first.  Georgie was all over it, […]

First Saturday of March

It’s been awfully grey here lately. Grey with wind, sometimes grey with rain, always grey. But we are having a spot of sun. Even in the house you can feel it. Winter should be wrapping it up soon. This year there has not been much of an effort by winter. Not that I am complaining. […]

Going Back

I just landed from being 12 days in Argentina.  I will post date some posts about being there (and even some older ones.)  And I am going to commit to writing regularly.  Really.  I mean it this time. We have been back living in the States for about 5 months.  Everyone is good.  I am […]

Irene is not my friend

We are now Irene +5 and no power. Happy to report no damage.  The kids were suppose to start school Tuesday, but because of a million good reasons;   non travelable roads for the buses, no power at one of the schools, flooding at another and the fact yet another was being used as a shelter […]


We are home.  And I am happy.  So far so good.  There was an earthquake and a hurricane is on tap for the weekend, but nothing that could overshadow the gorgeous weather we found on our return.  That and the fact we are here for awhile.  No need to pack up and head out.  We […]

An aside

A couple of random thoughts about this part of the trip.  I learned that my mothering instincts are intact and maybe I am not as lazy a parent as I thought I was. I was a bit nervous at times that one of these wild animals would harm my kid.  We got very close and […]

Too Much

I have been home for 2 weeks and I already feel like I am spinning out of control.  I am busy with daily life but my time is also rich in friends and travel.  I just don’t have enough hours in the day to enjoy the good stuff.  Its a good kind of problem to […]

Motherly Inspiration

Although my mom passed away 14 years ago she is still omnipresent in my life.  I see her in my siblings and I see her in my children.  I hope to see her in me.  Especially as a mom.  Its a high bar, believe me.   I don’t think is all gauzy nostalgia.  Its hard to […]

I am so proud

I know in some circles it’s considered politically incorrect to patronize Starbucks. Give me a pass for my uncoolness and chock it up to being a expat who gets to enjoy her lowfat decaf Carmel Machiatto only in airports and when shopping Stateside with Tonje. Well as you can see below, Starbucks opened a location […]


And not in a good way.  I havent been able to get back into a routine since returning from Patagonia.  I am functioning, but barely.  I can get the kids to school, I can even get to the gym, but after that, until I have to get the kids from school and to their activities, […]

New York

It was a week so jammed  with friends, food, new places, and beautiful weather I wont even attempt a comprehensive post.  A few observations. I think they may have sandblasted and renovated every building in Manhattan.  Every neighborhood has been gentrified.  Every park was beautifully groomed and maintained.  We are talking about places you would […]

5 design trends that need to stop..now

When I am not reading political blogs I am reading interior design blogs.  This morning I was looking at one such blog and the post was a house tour of a designer’s home.  Parts of it were gorgeous but my eyes started bleeding at the sight of the “Keep calm” poster.  Its a nice sentiment […]

Mi Casa

This is going to be a  more than usual self-indulgent post.  While my posts are generally personal,  I hope that sometimes, they are observations or stories that touch on something relevant to the reader.   This post might not.  Its about me and my house project.  Now that we have closed the store, and Barbara […]

You take the good with the bad

I am exhausted.  I haven’t slept well in the last week.  Its has been a week full of late dinners, afternoons full of children’s parties and on Sunday it all culminated in one last asado.  It  was a last supper of sorts, I know that may be hyperbole and offensive to some, but it was […]

I have been thinking…

I have been thinking about really committing to writing.  I have thought making this blog part of the process of writing better.  I have thought about how to make this blog more fun.  I dont know how exactly you would characterise this blog.  Political, cultural, and personal. I thought about what blogs I enjoy reading.  […]

Just because this will sooth my need to make things whole

Most who know me would describe me as relaxed, laidback, unflappable or in my husband’s opinion, sleep-walking. I am in reality, anal and neurotic about a few things. There needs to be the appearance of order, it doesn’t have to be real, but I want it to look nice and neat and have continuity. Its […]

Happy Anniversary Crappy Blogger

Its actually been a bit more that a year since I started writing this blog in earnest, and its an effort that leaves something to be desired. I guess I am a bit disappointed that I haven’t written more consistently and more creatively. There were times were I really enjoyed the writing, and was happy […]

I am Sick

Not because this is disgusting, but because my body has failed me.  I have a head full of snot and a family of bacteria that seems to be traveling right into my Achilles heel, my sinuses.  Wish me luck and a good night’s sleep.

My head is back above water..

I am ashamed to say that my lack of writing has little to do with my very complicated life of multiple children, a retail concern to be managed and grown, and big logistical issues to resolve concerning our living situation here in Argentina. My lack of blog entries has everything to do with my compulsive, […]

Highlight of Summer Vacation – Haircuts

Its been a month now..sad to say in two weeks I will be returning to Buenos Aires with two of the kids that want to go back and start school with their friends. Funny, that is not one of my childhood memories, wanting to cut vacation short and go back to school.Its been great. We […]