Pope Francis

I was thinking about the Pope today as he travels around South America to some of the poorest countries in the world.  He is dropping hints about real church transformation on several social issues.  I thought about how when he was elected I was pretty cynical about any real change happening in the Church, as […]

In case you were wondering

The day didnt turn out to be a total waste. It started out with a delayed school opening.  Which I realize isn’t such a bad way to do the morning.  Its relaxed, the kids are awake and functioning, very pleasant.  We all are  night people (except GM) and combining that with adolescence, we have a house full of owls. […]

Happy Mom’s Day

It’s 10:53 and I am still in bed. Cal made me coffee, Owen delivered me the Sunday Times. I will be preparing a Sunday Brunch for everyone then I back off the clock for the rest of the day. I think I will plant my herb garden and read. It’s a beautiful day.

Not enough learning

I loathe the fact that our public school system puts so much emphasis on the standardized test.  I realize that almost every state mandates a series of achievement test administered periodically in a student’s primary and secondary academic career.  State and local school systems can glean all sorts of information from them.  I understand there […]

Reading Frenzy

Written 22 Februray 2012 I have read 6 books in five days.  Truth be told I had read ¾ of The Historian before I landed in Junin. Here is what I read: Gilead  By Marilynne Robinson.  She wrote also Housekeeping.  A mesmerizing writer of faith and theology all within a compelling story.  Doesn’t sound great […]

Random Fall Photos

Technically there are three more weeks of autumn, but with Christmas upon us I thought I should get these photos  up while they are still barely relevant.

feels like spring to me

Despite all indications, it feels like it should be spring.  I guess 8 years is long enough for a body to acclimate to opposite seasons. Its spring in BA right now.  But I am ok with it being fall.  I love autumn and it is one of the things that I missed most when I […]

Re-entry in bullet points

I havent been very good about writing lately.  Things have been really busy; mostly in a good way but sometimes in a bad way.  I hope that I will build up some endurance for the bad stuff and that the pace of life here wont seem so crazy at some point, some point soon, I […]

A best friend

Georgie’s prayers have been answered.  Georgie left a lot of good friends in Argentina and she was sad to leave them.  I suspect she was nervous about making new friends and starting over. She has a friend.  Its her best friend.  And while she might not be her best friend forever, (but then again maybe […]

Irene is not my friend

We are now Irene +5 and no power. Happy to report no damage.  The kids were suppose to start school Tuesday, but because of a million good reasons;   non travelable roads for the buses, no power at one of the schools, flooding at another and the fact yet another was being used as a shelter […]


We are home.  And I am happy.  So far so good.  There was an earthquake and a hurricane is on tap for the weekend, but nothing that could overshadow the gorgeous weather we found on our return.  That and the fact we are here for awhile.  No need to pack up and head out.  We […]

Days 38 – day 43, Mobile Safari in Botswana

We were driven early in the morning to the Botswana border where we cleared immigration leaving Zambia, ferried over to Botswana where we witnessed the smuggling of alcohol across the border as seen below. After we cleared immigration in Botswana, which was basically signing a guest book, we drove to the Airport in Kasane where […]

Day 29 –day 33, Johannesburg and the Drakensberg

We landed at the crack of dawn and were awaited by a very cheery Henry (not my Henry who is neither cheery or a licensed driver) who picked us up and delivered us to a  bed and breakfast that was located in a suburb nearby the airport (big fan of this, when staying for just […]

Day 28, Cairns, Ayer’s Rock and Perth

Today was a big travel day.  We traveled the length of Australia in order to board a plane for the much-awaited Africa part of the trip.  We left steamy Cairns early for a flight that was going to take us to the outpost of Ayer’s rock in the Northern Territories (this spot was more south […]

Day 23 to day 27, Cairns, Queensland

We left Sydney early morning to catch a three hour flight to Cairns (pronounced Cans) in Queenlsand . Queensland is the northeastern quadrant of Australia.  Brisbane, where there were the horrible floods last January and the Great Barrier Reef are the hotspots of this state.  Its tropical and its where the remaining rainforest that made […]

Day 17- 22 (with a day lost in there somewhere), Sydney

After another fab night spent at the aptly names Tahiti Airport Motel, we were cautiously optimistic about our chances of getting to Sydney as scheduled.  Air Tahiti Nui, our airline company from Papeete Tahiti to Auckland had been having labor issues for the last past week.  Some days it was the pilots striking, other days […]

Day 6 to day 13, Onboard the Catamaran Mariah

Our flight from Easter Island to Papeete, Tahati was smooth as was our arrival to another airport hotel.  While not charming, it was key to our early morning departure.  The following morning, we left the Island of Tahiti by plane to a smaller island that along with Tahiti and myriad of others makes up the […]

El Supermercado (What i will miss #5)

There are three things I will look forward to in my domestic chore of food preparation once I return to the States: Costco, Trader Joes and Whole Foods.   There is a downside to all the options and never-ending supply of new products.  It all takes time.  And sometimes walking up and down the aisles browsing […]