Smoking has its consequences

I feel like crap.  Just trying to hold it together until after tomorrow and then for sure I will  collapse and sleep 18 hours.  Tomorrow is Georgie’s birthday  and there are 25 little ones coming over for three hours tomorrow to be entertained.  Birthday parties for kids here deserves its own post, but not today, […]

Woodland Creatures Porn

Its been awhile since I have posted pictures of insanely adorable baby animals.  Something Georgie and Callum can enjoy.  More below.

European Kitty Cat Porn

Its been forever since I have blogged..Just returned from a family vacation to Europe.  It was great but exhausting, as you can imagine given what traveling with four kids under the age of twelve can be like.  Lots of science museums and playgrounds and zero dinners out alone with spouse at the plethora of fabulous […]

A kitten to hold you over

I am back and will have a post soon, until then a cute kitten. And no, I am not a cat lady but in fact my husband makes sport of hating cats. So this, like everything I do, is for him.