Why I did not get a pocket dog

I really wanted a little dog for my birthday.  A puppy that would stay a puppy.  Something small and something I could could take care of, would need me, I could control it and it would not have any big complicated problems.  I planted the seed with the kids first.  Georgie was all over it, […]

Meet Bubble

And no, thats not a typo, its the singular of bubbles.  As it was explained to me by Georgie, who has been waiting three years for a replacement hamster, he is only one bubble.  Georgie got a sickly hamster for her 5th birthday, who promptly died within hours, I mean hours after buying it from […]

And summer begins…

Today the kids took their first plunge into the laguna.  The weather while cozy for cooking and reading, has been tough for playing outside, especially in water.  Its been unseasonably cold, wet and very windy.  It was a cold wet spring so the lake and even more so the river have not been hospitable to […]

Osa’s Photo Shoot

Osa was not happy about the blog entry that featured photos of her son Tevez.  She demanded her own editorial with creative imput.  Here is the result.  It was a late night shoot on her bed/living room couch. Hope you enjoy it.


He is as dumb as a brick.  But he is sweet, attentive, loving and lovable and as you can see, beautiful.  He is also hopelessly devoted to his nutjob of a mom.  What is not to love?

Another Beautiful Day in BA

We just finished up another (almost monthly) long weekend.   We got a taste of everything this past weekend as far as weather is concerned.  Saturday it was stuffy and humid and hot (27C/86F).  Saturday night the wind blew through and it rained and stormed (we have intense thunderstorms here, I love them) for hours on […]

My dog likes rocks

We have two dogs: a four year old German Shepherd and her 6 month old son. Osa and Tevez. Osa means bear and she looked like a little one (Osita) when she became part of our life. Tevez is a more unorthodox name for a pet here in Argentine in that his namesake is a villa […]