New Spring Pots in time for Santa Rosa de Lima

class photos 094Today was hot..unseasonably hot.  However, tomorrow that is all suppose to change and we will be getting the annual visit from the Tormenta de Santa Rosa.  Tormenta is the Spanish word for storm and there seems to always a big storm of rain, wind and snow in the mountains for 5 days before and after August 31st.   Despite this expected change in the weather,  I couldn’t help myself from investing in some happy spring flowers for the pots at the front door.  Until today there were some pretty tired cyclamen, primroses and a very sad looking chrysanthemums sitting in pots on the  front doorstep.  Today they were relocated to a shady bed that houses previously potted perennials.

Here is the work bench in the garage where I am swapping flowers.  Notice the ever present laptop.  I am streaming the Yankees game of course.  My favorite background noise when I am doing a project. Also below is the in between shot, after the tired pots and before the happy new ones.class photos 060class photos 083

Below is Georgie helping dig holes for the cyclamen  in a nice shady spot were they can rest this spring and summer.  Heavy makeup (she had just been to a birthday party) and white jeans are all the rage here when doing chores outside.

class photos 081

And the after…hopefully the passion flower vine will take off, its looking a bit wee here.  And I thought the other photo was kind of cool, it has two different depth of fields, Kooky huh?

class photos 086

class photos 064

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