Its not funny anymore

I think today the line has been crossed.  This isn’t about crazy ignorant people making a bunch of noise about something they don’t understand.  Today a journalist/analyst/douche (granted for a piece of shit media outlet) made the argument that a military coup would alleviate the “Obama” problem.  You can read it here.  This is a […]


Owen and I listen to the game on our crappy internet connection supplemented by phonetogs coming from GM and his friend, Geary who were fortunate to see the Yankees, in their new stadium, make it official, they are AL East Champs.  Here is a tribute to the Yanks for a great season and for Geary […]

It’s your birthday George!

Yesterday was George’s birthday.  She is seven years old.  She woke up to a new outfit for school.  Normally she is in an uniform, but on her b day she can wear whatever she wants.  Up to this birthday I always bought her a dress, this year jeans and a groovy t-shirt and shrug.  Kind […]

Smoking has its consequences

I feel like crap.  Just trying to hold it together until after tomorrow and then for sure I will  collapse and sleep 18 hours.  Tomorrow is Georgie’s birthday  and there are 25 little ones coming over for three hours tomorrow to be entertained.  Birthday parties for kids here deserves its own post, but not today, […]

Sunday Lunch

I think I have mentioned before that asado is a big part of life here.  Typically the weekend is when most people are either cooking their own, have been lucky enough to be invited to another’s asado or go to a restaurant that specializes in asado.  Yesterday, after an exhausting social calender this weekend, we […]

That’s one hairy 20-year-old

But he can play tennis and I like that he beat fashionista and sometimes tennis player Roger Federer.  Vamos Argentina! This epic win almost distracted us from the sport match that mattered last night , Yankees vs Angels.  Yankees pulled it out a win again and are securely leading their division.  This has been a […]

Not spoiling your kids

It’s a hard thing not to do.  You want to give them everything they want or sometimes the things you wanted as a kid.  You want to make them happy.  It’s a powerful desire.  But spoiling your kids has consequences.  They aren’t pretty and you have only yourself to blame. Living abroad alleviates some of […]

The Stoopids

I am not going to write much about this because it makes my head hurt thinking about what a royal waste of time it is even trying to engage these people in meaningful conversation.  My new strategy is to ignore them completely and maybe they will go away.  Or at the very least, have a […]

Healthy Humpday Snack with Kid Review

They are healthy if you eat just one.  And they are good, and they are easy.  Hard to beat that.  Made a big pan with more than half of it going into the freezer for a later date.  I found the recipe here.  Its a cute blog where she has fun photographing her baked goods.  […]

Lazy Sunday

Its not a long weekend here…but it has been a relaxing one.  Yesterday was a usual Saturday of driving around children to different activities and friend’s houses, but GM is quite helpful that way so between the two of us it was manageable.  Listened to a lot music and radio news, watched a baseball game […]


There is no other way to put it.  The crazy train is packed with loons from the right.  They hate this president as much as my son hates taking a bath.  But instead of going somewhere and hiding to avoid contact with water, they are they squeakiest of the squeaky wheels. I think we have […]

Healthy Humpday Snack with Kid’s review

I don’t know if you can really call these healthy, other than the fact that they are not processed and were made by my loving hands.  Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. I found them on Tastespotting and that site sent me here for the original recipe, its a great baking blog. Not much can be said […]