Off Skiing

While it may be a ski vacation for the family, the next ten days for me will be full of dressing children, finding missing essentials pieces of equipment and outer clothing, picking up and dropping of kids at various classes and watching them swim in a stinky indoor pool.  The highlights for me will be […]

Rain, Rain go away

We have had a spectacular winter.  Hardly a gray day in the bunch and maybe 1 or 2 days of rain in the last six weeks.  Its made our very quiet winter break more bearable with sunny afternoons that have been perfect for walks, bike rides, various ball activities or trampoline marathons.  But that all […]

A really long tale of moronic and rude client service

One of the great things about the internets is that you can avoid human contact when it comes to doing mundane things like buying plane tickets.  Its just so much easier to be able to look at your own computer screen and see all the flight options, prices, and seats than having someone have to […]

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, you have been pwnd!

Here he is getting pwnd. And here just being an asshat. These guys really are a endless well of hilarity.  Got to love em.  I am streaming the hearings.  There is nothing to in BA since everyone is staying at home except for important stuff like shopping for food and apparently for me, getting your […]

Guest Blogger: Callum O’Connell

My name is Callum O’Connell.  I make stop-motion animations with Legos.  I made my first one when I was in 4th Grade with my friend  Sherlock.  We made it about a dancing Bionicle but it was only like 5 seconds.  My second one was with my friend Marco and it was about Star Wars.  I […]

Constructive Feedback Friday

Today I am soliciting feedback on a photo. This is another Linky thingy where an amateur photographer can get feedback on photos from those who know what the hell they are doing, unlike me. Since we are in vacation shut down mode here in Argentina, I have been playing around with GM’s Cannon Rebel EOS […]

Funny but sick

Yesterday I had my biggest day ever as far as hits go. And it was not the McLinky thing. That thing had over a thousand entries that made it too big to display all the websites. That was pretty much a bust. No what made it a big day at Political Exile was a surge […]

Quarantine, Winter 2009

Its winter holidays right now. With the kids going to an international school we have 6 weeks in June/July and 6 weeks Christmas until the beginning of the February. Most schools in Argentina have 2-3 weeks off and start the second half of the school year the beginning of August. Well this has been a […]

My Favorite Current Photo

I am participating in a McLinky Thingy, curious how it affects traffic but more importantly, its a fun way of throwing darts around the world and making contact, in this case with moms. Here is a current photo of all the kids. While it might not look like much, it is a photo of all […]

Feliz Día de la Independencia

We had a kind of sad little 4th of July.  GM and Henry left for their respective destinations in the Northern Hemisphere last night so its me and three kids for the next few weeks.  The plan had been to go to the center to a Fourth of July party that the Argentine-American Cultural Institute […]

What the hell is going on?

There are news cycles when stories just telescope on each other and things get weirder and wilder.  The last few weeks have been like that, so action packed with political revolutions, coups, a slew of celebrity deaths including one super icon and another, regular icon, and then for dessert you get an extremely large serving […]