Argentina has a Fabulous Flag


Today we are celebrating “Flag Day” or “Dia de la Bandera” in Argentina.  The actual day is really the 20th of June, but in the last year or so, the Argentines have gotten hip to the idea of  celebrating federal holidays during the work week, specifically Monday.  Today Argentines  are celebrating their beautiful and unique flag with barbecues (asados), trips to the mall with the entire family and big nap in the afternoon.

I think Argentina may have one of the most beautiful flags around.  Its different in its color scheme, no provocative and warring red white and blue here.  Its a calming celeste , yellow and white.  Its a happy peaceful flag, no weapons or crest with fighting animals, just a brilliant sun with a lot on his mind.  Another bonus to this pretty flag are the awesome national sports uniforms that this flag affords.

Messi, Crespo and unidentifed cutie
Messi, Crespo and unidentifed cutie
National Rugby Team
National Rugby Team
National Hockey hottie
National Hockey hottie

However there is a price to paid for the undeniable loveliness of the Argentine Flag.  This flag has its own song..its really a sad and melancholy song that is played everyday at school when the flag is raised on the playground.  This happens at the beginning of school when the kids have all just arrived at class.  You know you are late for school if the song is playing on the PA when you enter the school building.  While the song is playing, everyone (that means YOU) stops what they are doing and freezes.  No moving or talking.  Its like playing the game “statue”.  The song is not long but is really depressing.  In the 5 1/2 years we have been here, the school has had 3 versions.  I personally like best the instrumental version, you are spared the suicidal voices.

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    “Aurora – The song to the argentine flag” is not a sad song at all, I mean the melody is quite melancholic ´cause was taken from the first argentine opera called “Aurora”, I think the opera is sad, but then was translated and the meaning has changes, it´s full of metaphores… you know: the warrior eagle of the song is the flag, the blue and white wings are the cloths of the flag…

    Besides we have another song dedicated to the argentine flag “Mi Bandera” march… and that one is quite energetic…

    we have 2 beautiful songs and a huge monument (situated in Rosario) dedicated to our flag…

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