Need a[sic] Asian wife?

The above was the reference line on a Spam I received today.  I didn’t bother to open it and find out what they were selling but I was curious about the wording.  Bad grammar aside, what does “need an Asian wife?” mean.  Wouldn’t be better or at least less desperate and crude to say “Want” […]

Souvenir Shopping, Paraguay Style

Paraguay isn’t known as a tourist destination. However that being said, friends from Paraguay assure me its a beautiful country with really nice relaxed people.  Despite their endorsement, it is known as a land of exiled dictators, gun runners, possibly Al-Qaeda training camps and other sorrid, unregulated and tolerated  illegal activities.  So it would only […]

Required Eating with Kid’s review

I am a bit behind on my healthy snack posts.  So here are two of the last baking projects I endeavored. First up was a really easy raspberry muffin recipe from a great cooking site that happens to be vegetarian, Picky Cook.  I subbed whole wheat flour for regular and did add in extra cinnamon.  […]

The Sun has set on Twilight

It is not something I am proud of, but I am happy to say I have finish the last installment of the Twilight Quartet, Breaking Dawn. It should be clear, if you have read any of my other posts, I am not a fifteen year old girl.  I am a 47 year old woman with […]

Woodland Creatures Porn

Its been awhile since I have posted pictures of insanely adorable baby animals.  Something Georgie and Callum can enjoy.  More below.

You lost and are lost

It really is all about being a really shitty loser.  These guys just cant believe it.  It happens.  God knows it has happen to me enough in my life time.  I lived through Nixon, Reagan, (who at the time seemed reactionary, now seems almost moderate) Poppy Bush (who at least wasn’t an idealogue) and then […]

Swine Flu can make you feel like crap

Obviously.  But apparently, it has made the Mexicans feel bad on the inside too.  In the NYTimes today, an article explores the stigma that this swine flu has inflicted on the collective self confidence of the Mexican people. Human beings need to evolve a little bit. I understand fear and how it can result in […]

Happy May Day

In Argentina, like in much of the world, today is May Day.  Having been school aged in the height of the Cold War, I vividly remember May Day being the day that the USSR paraded all their warfare in front of the Kremlin.  In reality, its a day when workers have a day off, nothing […]