The best weekend of baseball. EVER.

New York Times
New York Times

If you are a Yank  fan.

And we are.  GM, Owen and myself hardcore.  Cal and Henry are enthusiastic fans.  Georgie not so much.

The Yanks swept the Red Sox in 4 games.  This is after having being swept by them for the last 2 series.  The highlight was the win Friday night.  Even if you are not a Yankee fan but a baseball fan you know there isn’t anything better than a pitching duel, and a pitching duel (amongst a dozen pitchers) for 15 5/6 innings (Owen and I went to  bed at quarter to three in the morning)is a sports competition at its best. Not to mention this epic game was between the best and meanest rivalry in the MLB.  Yankees and the Red Sox. And to make it that more amazing it happened at Yankee Stadium.  We all agreed it was like winning the 7th game of the World Series.

This is A-Rod’s entire up, go to the 2:15 mark for the action.

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