Day 48 – day 52, London or hitting the proverbial wall

I am not sure  if it was because we had been on the road so long, moving from winter to summer, or because of the huge crowds, but we really didn’t do London.  We had a cool house in Chelsea right on the Kings Road that made getting around on bus and tube a snap.  And while we did do the touristy of all touristy things, the London Eye, that’s was pretty much it.  The rest of the time we walked the neighborhood, ventured a bit beyond and  trusted our luck on a random bus to see where it took us (to Camden Park where we had a great meal at a Brazilian restaurant).  There was an aborted attempt at London Tower via Buckingham Palace and when the family saw the crazy crowds there, we decided to forgo the obvious and take our chances on something off the beaten path.

Tonje and two of her kids met up with us in London and that made it special just seeing her.  We had a great time and  I would think the kids would say they had a nice time.  But its not because we “saw” London or executed an ambitious list of must see attractions.  We had a nice time because we saw friends and had a much needed pause from the 7 weeks of seeing so much amazing and new.

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