Its been a hot wet summer.  All I can say is thank the gods for air conditioning.

Lunch on the River

Today was beautiful.  It was perfect for the river.  We had a picnic/campfire and then swimming, riding the current down and reading in the dappled shade.  It was pretty idyllic until I was forced back into reality and faced the on going project of cleaning out closets and drawers.  Thanks to Cal I will have […]

La Laguna

It was hot today.  Over ninety.  And while it is very dry here, the sun was strong and in the steppe, shade comes at a premium.  It was a perfect day for a swim in the laguna.  Even on a day like today the river water can take your breath away.  But the laguna is […]

And summer begins…

Today the kids took their first plunge into the laguna.  The weather while cozy for cooking and reading, has been tough for playing outside, especially in water.  Its been unseasonably cold, wet and very windy.  It was a cold wet spring so the lake and even more so the river have not been hospitable to […]

My dog likes rocks

We have two dogs: a four year old German Shepherd and her 6 month old son. Osa and Tevez. Osa means bear and she looked like a little one (Osita) when she became part of our life. Tevez is a more unorthodox name for a pet here in Argentine in that his namesake is a villa […]