Not spoiling your kids

It’s a hard thing not to do.  You want to give them everything they want or sometimes the things you wanted as a kid.  You want to make them happy.  It’s a powerful desire.  But spoiling your kids has consequences.  They aren’t pretty and you have only yourself to blame. Living abroad alleviates some of […]

My Favorite Current Photo

I am participating in a McLinky Thingy, curious how it affects traffic but more importantly, its a fun way of throwing darts around the world and making contact, in this case with moms. Here is a current photo of all the kids. While it might not look like much, it is a photo of all […]

My dog likes rocks

We have two dogs: a four year old German Shepherd and her 6 month old son. Osa and Tevez. Osa means bear and she looked like a little one (Osita) when she became part of our life. Tevez is a more unorthodox name for a pet here in Argentine in that his namesake is a villa […]

Things I have actually said to my kids

Ice cream is a privledge,  not a right As soon as I have had my coffee, I am going to kill you We are going to drive you out to the desert and leave you there* This is not working out for me, we have to send you back to the orphange Four is just […]