New Federal Holiday – Carnival of course!

Chances are,that where you live, you are not enjoying a four-day weekend.   Today and tomorrow are not federal holidays unless you live in Brazil and Argentina. Its Carnival!!  Anyone who knows Argentina, knows it’s not a Carnival kind of country.  While there are some celebrations in the northern part of the country near Brazil, […]

Its more than a meal.. (What I will miss #2)

My husband and I planned this move abroad unlike most of what happened in our married life. (including some of the children)  Early in our marriage we wrote down “move to a foreign country for 2 years when kids are in school”  as one of many goals we had.  In 2004, after four kids and […]

Respect, or lack there of….

A bit of background.  The kids where trying to figure out a way to stay at the bottom of the pool.   The buckets were filled with rocks and the person holding them would sink to the bottom and could walk around.  It worked.  What also worked was having someone sit on the bucket while someone’s […]

Flowering Trees and Shrubs, All Year around (what i will miss #1

Buenos Aires has a semi tropical climate that affords for flowers in my yard year around.  These photos are from this past spring and now late summer):  .  Spring we have Star Jasmine, Magnolia Bougainvillea, Camilas, Wisteria and my personal favorite, Gardenia. Summer brings Roses, Day Lilly, Dalia and Agapanthus.  In Fall, the tropical flowers […]

La Rural

We have attended 6 rurals in Junín.  La Rural is the equivalent of a state fair, but heavy on the agricultural.  Each provincia in Argentina has a La Rural Society which is basically the lobbying arm of agricultural here in Argentina. Each summer in Neuquen (it’s the province, also a city and a palindrome!) the […]

La Laguna

It was hot today.  Over ninety.  And while it is very dry here, the sun was strong and in the steppe, shade comes at a premium.  It was a perfect day for a swim in the laguna.  Even on a day like today the river water can take your breath away.  But the laguna is […]

Motherly Inspiration

Although my mom passed away 14 years ago she is still omnipresent in my life.  I see her in my siblings and I see her in my children.  I hope to see her in me.  Especially as a mom.  Its a high bar, believe me.   I don’t think is all gauzy nostalgia.  Its hard to […]

Nunca Mas

Today is a holiday, Dia de Memoria. It is a beautiful day.  There were lots of people walking around and I  noticed a big line at the local Freddo.  Near that ice cream shop, on the exterior wall of a car dealership,  I also noticed some new graffiti that loosely translates to “Here was a […]


Back to civilization as they say.  Back to garbage trucks at midnight, back to 100F heat, back to homicidal drivers, back to dog poo on the sidewalks. On the other hand, back to the swimming pool, back to  manicures/pedicures, back to the kids not fighting (at least most of the time), back to a protein […]

Patagonia Bound

It is that time of year that I need to pack us up for the next 7 weeks (and it all has to fit into the minivan with 6 people and 2 large dogs) while at the same time helping my high schooler study for exams, bake lots of cookies, craft handmade teacher’s gifts, and […]

Primavera and flowers

There are few things that make me has happy as flowers and fresh flowers in my house make me just plain giddy.  Today I went to La Casita (the local florist on the train tracks in my village) for flowers.  I was ecstatic to find that spring flowers were in the mix. For the last […]

Humpday Snack

When things get busy, like they have this week, I don’t always have time to research a new fabulous recipe off my favorite food site Tastespotting.  So today I went to an old standby and always a crowd-pleaser.  Embellished Brownies.  These are brownies out of a box that I play with the directions and then […]

Quarantine, Winter 2009

Its winter holidays right now. With the kids going to an international school we have 6 weeks in June/July and 6 weeks Christmas until the beginning of the February. Most schools in Argentina have 2-3 weeks off and start the second half of the school year the beginning of August. Well this has been a […]

You lost and are lost

It really is all about being a really shitty loser.  These guys just cant believe it.  It happens.  God knows it has happen to me enough in my life time.  I lived through Nixon, Reagan, (who at the time seemed reactionary, now seems almost moderate) Poppy Bush (who at least wasn’t an idealogue) and then […]

It’s so nasty out there

I am amazed at the hatred and bitterness I observe on political blogs by some Hillary supporters. It is hate directed at Obama, his surrogates, his supporters, media and especially a blogger who is remotely critical of Hillary or positive of Obama. The verbal abuse (it does go both ways) was heating up towards the […]