Blogging, Beach, Birthdays and Beth

I have been off the air for awhile. Last week I received a message from the blog provider saying that they were suspending my posting privileges while they investigated a complaint??!!  Within 36 hours they had lifted the restriction on my posting.  Never knew what exactly it was about and apparently I am not going […]

And for the educational part of our vacation, part two

So we left swampy Washington DC and headed to equally swampy Gettysburg.  We arrived late afternoon to a rainstorm and Nick (GM’s eccentric college friend) sitting by the pool of the motel where we were staying  (he wasn’t, he was camping).  The kids took a quick dip in the pool while we waited for eccentric […]

El Mundial es mas Mundial

Just a short break from the ardous task of getting the kids to blog (with help from me) on their favorite part of our trip to the States. A major preoccupation during the first month of our trip was figuring out where we would be able to view the World Cup games.  Not just the […]

Pinstripes by Owen

If I had to pick one thing that was the best on our vacation it would be going to see the Yankees play in their new stadium.  The stadium  is really cool because its big and there are lots of things you can do during the game.  There is a Yankee Museum or you can […]

And for the educational portion of our vacation…part one

I have been to DC a half a dozen times as both a child and teenager.  I loved every minute I was there and always felt I was in a special place full of smart  and powerful people.  I felt it was a happy obligation to take my family to Washington DC and see there […]


We are baaaaaack!!!!  It was great and its great being home.  Lots of moments worth sharing.  But not too eventful. This time no hospital emergency room visits, yeah.  There was a close call with a Massachusetts State Sheriff threatening to arrest GM, but actually quite drama free for an O’Connell Family Vacation. Re-entry is always […]


Bad blogger, but I wont belabored it because reading a blog post about how the blogger has been a bad blogger has got to be one of the most boring things to read second only to the horrible news that is coming out of the Gulf hourly… We are leaving in two hours for six […]

Hitting the Road for Easter

We are off to Patagonia for Semana Santa.  GM left with Georgie and Owen on Tuesday night and I leave with the sullen teenage boys tonight, on the bus.  Yes, the bus.  A 18 hour bus ride.  There are two reasons for taking a bus 1200 miles across a desert.  One, its is the most […]

Thanksgiving and the rabid bat

One might ask, “how was your Thanksgiving weekend?”  And I would answer, “Eventful.” First some photos from Thanksgiving. We definately had some nice moments, we always do when we go “South”.  El Sur is Patagonia and it really is beautiful.  Lots of sky and amazing light.  And rabid bats, that bite.  More on that later.  […]

New York

It was a week so jammed  with friends, food, new places, and beautiful weather I wont even attempt a comprehensive post.  A few observations. I think they may have sandblasted and renovated every building in Manhattan.  Every neighborhood has been gentrified.  Every park was beautifully groomed and maintained.  We are talking about places you would […]

This is where I have been

I have had a really nice last few days.   The 16 hour car ride across desert and plains should have been optional, but it was all worth it.  It rained or snowed the entire time when we were at the house in Junin.  Which for someone like my hyperactive husband can be problematic (although he […]

Running away

For just a few days.  GM and I (sin chicos) are taking a mini break to the house in Patagonia.  We haven’t been since the beginning of February.  When we left it was the dog days of summer, when we arrive tomorrow it will be the waning, yet still harsh days of winter.  GM will […]

No broken bones

Compared to our last big ski vacation this past week’s  ski vacation to  Chile was a cakewalk!  No follow-up visits to orthopedic surgeons needed. The stars lined up perfectly for this holiday.  The weather was tremendous..we had 5 out of 7 days of spectacular sunshine.  We arrived after a big snow storm and schools had […]

Off Skiing

While it may be a ski vacation for the family, the next ten days for me will be full of dressing children, finding missing essentials pieces of equipment and outer clothing, picking up and dropping of kids at various classes and watching them swim in a stinky indoor pool.  The highlights for me will be […]

A really long tale of moronic and rude client service

One of the great things about the internets is that you can avoid human contact when it comes to doing mundane things like buying plane tickets.  Its just so much easier to be able to look at your own computer screen and see all the flight options, prices, and seats than having someone have to […]

Souvenir Shopping, Paraguay Style

Paraguay isn’t known as a tourist destination. However that being said, friends from Paraguay assure me its a beautiful country with really nice relaxed people.  Despite their endorsement, it is known as a land of exiled dictators, gun runners, possibly Al-Qaeda training camps and other sorrid, unregulated and tolerated  illegal activities.  So it would only […]