Day 23 to day 27, Cairns, Queensland

We left Sydney early morning to catch a three hour flight to Cairns (pronounced Cans) in Queenlsand . Queensland is the northeastern quadrant of Australia.  Brisbane, where there were the horrible floods last January and the Great Barrier Reef are the hotspots of this state.  Its tropical and its where the remaining rainforest that made […]

Random Photo

We shot this this photo on Easter Island.  Seeing this prompted the discussion of what the distances both east and west Easter Island was from Mecca.  We speculated it must be pretty close to being halfway.  We googled it and Mecca is almost 11,000 miles west and north of Easter Island.

Lunch on the River

Today was beautiful.  It was perfect for the river.  We had a picnic/campfire and then swimming, riding the current down and reading in the dappled shade.  It was pretty idyllic until I was forced back into reality and faced the on going project of cleaning out closets and drawers.  Thanks to Cal I will have […]


I finally got this photo of the kids.  Now I don’t even try to entice them with hot cocoa, I am negioting with each one separately, and this year Henry served as an agent for Georgie.  I sent this photo out with our well wishes and a satirical jab at the traditional annual letter that […]

Thanksgiving and the rabid bat

One might ask, “how was your Thanksgiving weekend?”  And I would answer, “Eventful.” First some photos from Thanksgiving. We definately had some nice moments, we always do when we go “South”.  El Sur is Patagonia and it really is beautiful.  Lots of sky and amazing light.  And rabid bats, that bite.  More on that later.  […]

New York

It was a week so jammed  with friends, food, new places, and beautiful weather I wont even attempt a comprehensive post.  A few observations. I think they may have sandblasted and renovated every building in Manhattan.  Every neighborhood has been gentrified.  Every park was beautifully groomed and maintained.  We are talking about places you would […]

Bed Headed Birthday Boy

Thursday was Cal’s 12th birthday.  Today he is having 4 buddies over for a sleepover.  He is outside making water balloons as we speak.  He is a cutie and will always be a needy, cuddly but wonderfully funny and ironic teddy bear.  I think Cal enjoys his birthday as much as anyone.  Loves being the […]

Osa’s Photo Shoot

Osa was not happy about the blog entry that featured photos of her son Tevez.  She demanded her own editorial with creative imput.  Here is the result.  It was a late night shoot on her bed/living room couch. Hope you enjoy it.

Healthy Humpday Snack with Kid Review

My kids were getting sick of oatmeal everything.  I always use whole wheat flour but I cant pretend that this week’s recipe is healthy.  Again,they are not processed and my nurturing energy has been baked into them, but they are chock full of  butter and sugar. Regarding this week’s recipe.  Recipe is hyperbole.  Although there […]

Beautiful but Cruel

Every night before I go to bed I have to check Owen’s blood sugar, he is a diabetic.  I then visit the other three.  I suppose I do it to check and make sure they are safe in their beds.  But I also like to remember them this way, totally relaxed and soft and peaceful.  […]

New Spring Pots in time for Santa Rosa de Lima

Today was hot..unseasonably hot.  However, tomorrow that is all suppose to change and we will be getting the annual visit from the Tormenta de Santa Rosa.  Tormenta is the Spanish word for storm and there seems to always a big storm of rain, wind and snow in the mountains for 5 days before and after […]

This is where I have been

I have had a really nice last few days.   The 16 hour car ride across desert and plains should have been optional, but it was all worth it.  It rained or snowed the entire time when we were at the house in Junin.  Which for someone like my hyperactive husband can be problematic (although he […]

Constructive Feedback Friday

Today I am soliciting feedback on a photo. This is another Linky thingy where an amateur photographer can get feedback on photos from those who know what the hell they are doing, unlike me. Since we are in vacation shut down mode here in Argentina, I have been playing around with GM’s Cannon Rebel EOS […]