Days 38 – day 43, Mobile Safari in Botswana

We were driven early in the morning to the Botswana border where we cleared immigration leaving Zambia, ferried over to Botswana where we witnessed the smuggling of alcohol across the border as seen below. After we cleared immigration in Botswana, which was basically signing a guest book, we drove to the Airport in Kasane where […]

Day 35 – day 37 Livingstone, Zambia,

We had a perfectly civilized morning departure from Joburg to Zambia.  Our travel would have been seamless if it hadn’t been for the one hour and 30 minutes we spent in an immigration line at the airport in Zambia.  While we weren’t required to apply in advance as US citizens we still needed visas for […]

Random Photo

Thats Cal…being random, making himself a plank, as he is prone to do sometimes. Below find another photo that is more disturbing than random.  Yes that is Henry looking pissed (an a bit like Beavis), and yes that is Georgie, broken down like a rag doll in the middle of the street.  Dont worry, there were […]

Day 28, Cairns, Ayer’s Rock and Perth

Today was a big travel day.  We traveled the length of Australia in order to board a plane for the much-awaited Africa part of the trip.  We left steamy Cairns early for a flight that was going to take us to the outpost of Ayer’s rock in the Northern Territories (this spot was more south […]

Day 23 to day 27, Cairns, Queensland

We left Sydney early morning to catch a three hour flight to Cairns (pronounced Cans) in Queenlsand . Queensland is the northeastern quadrant of Australia.  Brisbane, where there were the horrible floods last January and the Great Barrier Reef are the hotspots of this state.  Its tropical and its where the remaining rainforest that made […]

Day 17- 22 (with a day lost in there somewhere), Sydney

After another fab night spent at the aptly names Tahiti Airport Motel, we were cautiously optimistic about our chances of getting to Sydney as scheduled.  Air Tahiti Nui, our airline company from Papeete Tahiti to Auckland had been having labor issues for the last past week.  Some days it was the pilots striking, other days […]

Chocolate Wasted

Traveling with four kids is not easy.  I have to say its is physically a lot less taxing these days since everyone has given up diapers, naps and special meals.  However, traveling with a grouchy middle-aged man, an 8-year-old girl and 3 boys with extremely different interests is exhausting.  Some days you just have to […]

Day 14-16, Relais de Josephine, Rangoria Atoll, French Polynesnia

We flew from Bora Bora where we had a 2 hour departure delay due to “Mechanical Problems”.  This was our first delay of the trip although the airport was perfectly nice place to kill sometime.  The plane, with the mechanical problems, not something I need to know, arrived and we were able t o take […]

Day 6 to day 13, Onboard the Catamaran Mariah

Our flight from Easter Island to Papeete, Tahati was smooth as was our arrival to another airport hotel.  While not charming, it was key to our early morning departure.  The following morning, we left the Island of Tahiti by plane to a smaller island that along with Tahiti and myriad of others makes up the […]

Day two – day five, Easter Island

We had an early flight to Easter Island.  Our airport accommodations made this extremely easy and we checked in found a Starbucks and awaited for our departure.  We had a 5+ hour flight on a very comfortable plane.  It had a pretty up to date  media console.  I began watching the complete season of The […]

Lincoln International (what I will miss #6)

Despite appearances, I am still in political exile in Argentina.  The on air silence is due to the myriad of tactical items I have on my to do list.  Happy to report I have made some progress and I pretty much have done all I can do up to this point.  My priorities at the […]

We are back

For those up north, you probably dont want to hear me complain about the hot humid weather we came back to.  And I wont, because right now its absolutely gorgeous.  Maybe 80-82, a breeze, strong sun and dry air.  You probably dont want to hear about that either. The weekends are fine.  Great weather to […]

Final Words on Junin

This photo is screaming for an explanation.  Its the rather large (12 feet maybe) piece of “arte” that greets you when you arrive into Junin from the east.  Its basically two large, painted wooden statues glued on top of a cement pad that has been painted blue (a long time ago).  So Georgie is standing […]

Lunch on the River

Today was beautiful.  It was perfect for the river.  We had a picnic/campfire and then swimming, riding the current down and reading in the dappled shade.  It was pretty idyllic until I was forced back into reality and faced the on going project of cleaning out closets and drawers.  Thanks to Cal I will have […]

La Laguna

It was hot today.  Over ninety.  And while it is very dry here, the sun was strong and in the steppe, shade comes at a premium.  It was a perfect day for a swim in the laguna.  Even on a day like today the river water can take your breath away.  But the laguna is […]

Better Late than Never: Skiing in the Andes

GM took George and Owen to a ski mountain called Chapelco in northern Patagonia the end of last August.  Left me with Cal and Henry and their copious schoolwork loads.  As you can see from the video Cal edited, it was a nice place to be.  They lucked out with good snow and decent weather.  […]


During summer break, more often than not, I am shamed out of bed by the kids around 10:00.  They have been up for hours and have helped themselves to some cold cereal or on the odd morning GM isn’t out fishing, he has made them omelets,   George is usually the one that will come into […]

Falling Water, of sorts

Well the tree house is done.  And its quiet impressive. There is a world famous troutstream running through it.  And there is some carefully crafted and esthetically pleasing furniture designed into the structure.  Its like Frank Lloyd Wright was an untrained architect/builder and a wine box is an beautiful and multifunctional built-in.  Use your imagination. […]