I am going to try this again

It has been awhile. I guess I was too ambitious when I originally started this. It wasn’t really a blog but more a series of essays about expat life in Argentina. The burden of making them perfect made me stay away. Also, I think at some point, everyone stops being a self conscious expat and […]

My political exile

It wont be easy for me to put this into one coherent post…so here is an incoherent one…. I am the product of economically progressive and socially liberal parents. I consider myself liberal relative to social issues and fiscally conservative (due to my handbag count, my husband would disagree) but with an emphasis on education […]

I am a lame blogger

Blog entries are suppose to be spontaneous but thoughtful with some frequency to allow a reader a sense of the writer. Well I am going to try this again. Over two months between blog entries is a quarterly periodical and pathetic and can certainly be improved upon. I do have several dissertations on various aspects […]