I am not a model, spy or assassin. I am just a mom who has too much on her plate and not enough sleep. Not very exciting, huh? I will try to make it relevant and funny. I said try, don’t kill me with high expectations. I get enough of that around the house from people who cant drink, vote or even drive.


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  1. Napo

    Elizabeth , I finally found you. So great to see the kids growing fast and healthy. I read most of your comments,agree with them in about 95%.Too bad we couldn’t talk about this issues here in the States because you wanted to learn Spanish.Say hello to GM and my little friends.You are not alone, we are legion.Be good.

  2. I came across your blog while doing research for revisions on my YA novel LIFE, AFTER which comes out from Scholastic Press next year. The first third of the novel is set in Buenos Aires during the economic crisis in 2001-2003. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your posts and reassure you that I too have made several empty threats to my kids, all of which have come back to haunt me at a later date, which is why I’ve learned to stop making them!

    Cheers, Sarah

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful and balanced critique of the “hotel room.” You’ve got a great blog going here. Like the diversity of it! So glad you popped in so that I know about you! cheers, -susan

  4. Beverley Markle


    I’m from Canada, and have spent visited Buenos Aires 3 times since August/07, staying 5 weeks each time. I’ve shopped at “B. Madison” for bags at Rodriguez Pena/Juncal. I love their bags. But this April/09 when I visited, the store was gone and there was no info on its window front for any other branch. Do you know what happened to this store?. It was so good that I can’t imagine it closing down. I would appreciate any update or info you might be able to give me. Please e-mail me if you know anyhting at all about it.


  5. Hi, my name is MArce, from Buenos Aires, I spent sme time in Ohio, and I’m wondering if to move there in the future, and I wanted to ask you to share part of your experience with me if it’s ok to you.
    Have a nice day…

  6. Meg

    Hey! So excited to finally find other USers living in Argentina 🙂 But I study in Cordoba so I’m still on the search for those here! Love the blog, will be catching up on the archives but it’s really exciting to see/hear about others living here too 🙂
    Meg (soy de Cape Cod, MA, hice un intercambio con AFS en la provincia de Neuquen aug 07-jul 08 y volvi diciembre 08 para vivir y estudiar! ahora estudio psicologia en la UNCordoba)

  7. emily lang

    hi elizabeth,
    i have a question. I was wondering what the original source of this photo is that you used on your blog?


  8. Hi Elizabeth, I found you through Paul Anater’s site. I’m also in Argentina with my family. We started in Uruguay in early 2009, currently in Bariloche and headed to Cordoba in March 2011. I own a handmade tile business in the USA. I will definitely follow your adventures. Can’t wait to read more!

  9. David Sachs

    You may live in another hemisphere and be traveling on the other side of the planet but you have been found! Hope life has treated you well all these many years and it has been many (31 if I can still count!!!). How / where is Brian? When the trip settles down lets reconnect. All my best, David

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  11. Philipp von Plato

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I really enjoyed reading your fantastic blog.
    Hope you survived Irene quite well and everything is in a normal way again.

    In case you are not already part of InterNations you are of course invited to join our network of selected members – just let me know and I will send you an invitation.

    I am looking forward to your response and would be happy to welcome you to our global expat community.



  12. Hello there!

    My name is Malte Zeeck, and I am with InterNations.org. I really enjoyed reading your fantastic blog! I think expats in Argentina and around the world could really gain some great insights [and have a few good laughs] on this page. The quality of the blog in general is very convincing, which is why I would love to feature you and your writing on the Recommended Blog on Argentina section on InterNations.org

    Not only do we feature and link to your blog prominently; we also would like to hear from you directly in our questionnaire! We have also designed a link badge for your blog.

    If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via email: maltezeeck@internations.org
    Malte Zeeck

  13. Dear Sir or Madam,
    Some weeks ago – on the 03.04.2012 – I left you a comment (please find copy above) and I would very much appreciate a quick status update.
    I’m looking forward to your response.
    Kind regards,
    Malte Zeeck

  14. Hi Elizabeth, just found your blog after you left a comment somewhere on the Internets (hehehe) about the PAL-N video standard in Argentina. Well, I live in Brazil and happen to need a converter that only sells in Argentina, to convert an old Commodore64 computer bought in Europe (PAL-B/G) to the Argentinian standard (PAL-N). Most brazilian TVs can do PAL-N, but not PAL-B/G. Could you help me, somehow, buying a converter for me? I could send you money upfront, point to you where and what to buy on MercadoLibre and then you send it to me. If you can help me on this, let me know on the email address I wrote below. Thanks in advance. Carlos

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