Giving Thanks.

I am thankful for a lot.  Not the least being the mellow but festive weekend we had together.  No family.  Just us six.  Was a nice, low key way to enjoy our first Thanksgiving in years. The turkey results were mixed.  While it was eaten in its entirety between Thursday’s feast and hash Friday night, […]

Theatre Extravaganza

One of the ways GM and I escape our children for an occasional 24 hours is to go into the city to catch a play.  Not a musical.  GM is not a musical kind of guy.  At all.  Thats fine with me.  I have been to a few of those and inevitably  their required sentimentality makes me […]

People in Hell, when they are bad, have to do Laundry

As I have mentioned ad nauseam, our life in Argentina afforded us many luxuries.  The luxury of time, of family and of people in your home helping lightening your load.  One of things I dreaded on my return wasn’t the cooking or general house keeping which for the last years had been done for us.  […]

A look out my window

Its been an odd autumn.  The weather has been nutty with the hurricane and the early snow storm that both took place the last few months.  I hear the summer was super hot and wet.  So apparently that combination of weather factors has produced a rather anti-climatic foliage show this year. Its been dull.  Leaves […]

Halloween was a do-over

Wilton, Connecticut celebrated Halloween November 5th.  Last Monday, on  the real Halloween, we were under a foot of snow, trees and electric wires were down in the roads and most residences were still without power.   Spooky maybe, but not safe for trick or treaters.   So the town declared  November 5th Halloween 2011.    It […]