Since returning I have had numerous conversations with people, some I know and some I dont, about living in Argentina.  These conversations are generally short and inevitably end in me thinking really?  I try hard not to be superior or condensending about possessing a world view but really?

Examples of some of the not so enlightened American prospective of Argentina:

They speak Brazilian, right?  (no that would be BRAZIL where they speak a language called Portuguese, they speak Spanish in Argentina)

Did you get use to the water down there? (Yes, after almost 8 years my digestive system eventually acclimated to the water that was processed through a 21st century sanitation and processing plant for me and the other 12 million people that live in Buenos Aires)

So, Argentina, its the opposite time of the day, is it 12 hours later or early? (It would be the seasons that are opposite between the northern and southern hemispheres, but bonus points for knowing that South America is in a different hemisphere)

Argentina, why did you have to go there? (cuz we are a bunch of kooks)

Did you go to any bullfights? (No, but when we travel to Spain, where you will find them, I will have no desire to see one)

Aren’t they communists? (Never communists, perhaps a unique flavor of socialism and they are honest in the depth of their institutional corruption)

Argentina, that’s cool, I love mexican food. (Me too, but wouldnt recommend going to Argentina for Mexican food.  I would go to Mexico, Texas, California or Colorado for that) 

I guess people asking me ignorant questions is better than not asking at all.  I realize that my past life in Argentina isn’t interesting to everyone, but it is about who I am, like how someones children’s excellent SAT scores are about them, apparently. That subject manages to dominate  conversations in all corners of Fairfield County.  So in the end I would rather field kind of lame questions from the genuinely curious to the “Argentina, how nice for you, my daughter did community service project teaching lacrosse to kids living on a landfill in Honduras”.

About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

4 Responses

  1. Napoleon Callirgos

    Hello, Elizabeth….good to know you are back, hope you got a great time over there in Argentina, followed your posts for a while, still here in US but I guess I’ll be back to South America in 18 months.
    I guess you support all what is happening in Wall Street and the whole planet as well…so do I. A big hugh to you and GM, say hello to the kids.
    Napo, your former spanish teacher.

  2. Napoleon Callirgos

    Hello Elizabeth, well I think it is time to take care a little bit more about me and my wife…anyway they are free to choose what is best, at least they already have a profession. Good to know you guys are doing well ….I still have the winie the pooh that Georgina gave me(I hope she is still a River Plate’s fan – like me – no matter what happened to the team). Good luck to you as well.

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