Did not sign up for this

Its October 30th.  We spent two hours yesterday trying to get home from doing errands in our village.  Roads where bad with lots of unexpected heavy snow, bad drivers blocking the roads, and leaf filled trees heavy with snow causing lots of branches down in the already treacherous roads.  We had dinner plans with friends who live […]

Might be worse than water boarding

Not that I can personally attest to the fact.  I can only presume this is the case after I spent the morning with Owen and his 6th grade class at a local contempory art museum.  It was a well thought out and effective program in art appreciation.  What wasnt appreciated was the 15 minute each […]

feels like spring to me

Despite all indications, it feels like it should be spring.  I guess 8 years is long enough for a body to acclimate to opposite seasons. Its spring in BA right now.  But I am ok with it being fall.  I love autumn and it is one of the things that I missed most when I […]

Like a Monday morning

Its actually Tuesday.  Yesterday was a holiday for the kids.  Columbus Day.  When will we become more politically correct and abandon “Columbus Day” for “Explorers Day” or something else that dosent celebrate a specific asshole but the idea of opening up the world (by a bunch of unidentified assholes)? I am sitting here this morning, outside, […]


Since returning I have had numerous conversations with people, some I know and some I dont, about living in Argentina.  These conversations are generally short and inevitably end in me thinking really?  I try hard not to be superior or condensending about possessing a world view but really? Examples of some of the not so enlightened American prospective […]