An aside

A couple of random thoughts about this part of the trip.  I learned that my mothering instincts are intact and maybe I am not as lazy a parent as I thought I was.

I was a bit nervous at times that one of these wild animals would harm my kid.  We got very close and we were in a very open vehicle so we really depended on the good grace of the wild animal not to be annoyed by us.  At one point we walked out of our vehicle into the brush in search of something, we weren’t sure what it was, we just could see a bazillion vultures circling.  In the end we didn’t find the kill, and despite the fact Brent was carrying a loaded gun, I felt uncomfortable, not for me, but for my kids.

The reality was that most of the animals related the presence of our vehicle to nothing bad happening.  They we really not fazed by us at all.  This was true of the big cats, antelope, dogs and zebras especially.  The foxes, giraffes, jackals were shy and avoided us.   Surprisingly, it was the elephants and hippos that made me the most nervous.  They are HUGE, plain mean in the hippo’s case, nervous in the elephant’s and both (pretty much everything) could easily outrun you.

The other reason I know I still have my mothering instincts is because it made me INSANE how dirty the kids were.  They were so filthy, their clothes were filthy, hair was filthy and their faces filthy like never before. They looked feral.  They were having a blast and it appeared as if I was failing as a mother.

I didn’t let my disgustingly dirty children ruin my safari experience.  It was an exceptional family time.  I hope I will never forget the night noises; the lions, hyenas and hippos as I lay in my cot with my bush baby.  It was spectacular.

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Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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  1. I think the true reason your motherly instincts are still in tact is because you did not actually hand them over to the hyena pack for good. Can’t say that after 3 months of summer vacation I wouldn’t! Ugh!

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