We are home.  And I am happy.  So far so good.  There was an earthquake and a hurricane is on tap for the weekend, but nothing that could overshadow the gorgeous weather we found on our return.  That and the fact we are here for awhile.  No need to pack up and head out.  We […]

Mandatory blog post by child – Georgie

I am forcing my children to write something.  Thought it might be good to brush off their visual cortex before returning to school next week.  Here is the first in a four part series. Georgie’s part This vacation was great!!!! I was just so excited for Easter Island but I was so bummed about all […]

Day 53 – day 61, Ireland

GM and I took a trip to Ireland 20 years ago.  We drove around, mostly in the West. We didn’t have a itinerary figured out, just flights in and out.    It was a great trip we even managed to get engaged on the Cliffs of Moher.   We were in Ireland several economic lives ago so […]

Day 48 – day 52, London or hitting the proverbial wall

I am not sure  if it was because we had been on the road so long, moving from winter to summer, or because of the huge crowds, but we really didn’t do London.  We had a cool house in Chelsea right on the Kings Road that made getting around on bus and tube a snap.  […]

Day 42 – day 47 , Capetown, South Africa

Of all the places we went on this trip,  Capetown was the biggest revelation.  We had always heard that it was a cool town but we had no idea how beautiful it was.  Its spectacular.  It is most definitely in my top three most beautiful cities I have been to (Rio, Capetown, San Francisco).  Along […]

Day 39– day 41 Odd Balls Enclave, Okavango Delta Botswana

We sadly had our last meal, a yummy protein laden breakfast with Brent and crew before we left camp one last time.  Brent drove us to an airstrip where we met our transfer (another light aircraft) that was going to take us to our next stop, a rustic camp on the delta, Oddballs. Oddballs is […]

An aside

A couple of random thoughts about this part of the trip.  I learned that my mothering instincts are intact and maybe I am not as lazy a parent as I thought I was. I was a bit nervous at times that one of these wild animals would harm my kid.  We got very close and […]

Days 38 – day 43, Mobile Safari in Botswana

We were driven early in the morning to the Botswana border where we cleared immigration leaving Zambia, ferried over to Botswana where we witnessed the smuggling of alcohol across the border as seen below. After we cleared immigration in Botswana, which was basically signing a guest book, we drove to the Airport in Kasane where […]

Day 35 – day 37 Livingstone, Zambia,

We had a perfectly civilized morning departure from Joburg to Zambia.  Our travel would have been seamless if it hadn’t been for the one hour and 30 minutes we spent in an immigration line at the airport in Zambia.  While we weren’t required to apply in advance as US citizens we still needed visas for […]