Day 14-16, Relais de Josephine, Rangoria Atoll, French Polynesnia

We flew from Bora Bora where we had a 2 hour departure delay due to “Mechanical Problems”.  This was our first delay of the trip although the airport was perfectly nice place to kill sometime.  The plane, with the mechanical problems, not something I need to know, arrived and we were able t o take off on our 1 ½ journey to this very large and remote atoll.  As beautiful as it was, and there were places that were gorgeous, It was also very poor, with a ton of skinny dogs roaming and not much for the locals to do.  It made me a bit itching to get off.  I  met a woman that had moved from Paris and been living there for over 15 years. She worked at a dive shop and loved it there.  She loved the water and the lay backed energy.  It would make me certifiable.  Just knowing it was a dying land mass kind of creeped me out.

Despite the fact it was never going to be a place I would live, we had a nice few days there.  We stayed a lovely pension that was idyllically located at one of the passes.  The pass is where the sea water would come in to the lagoon, which was the size of a large lake, 35 km across.  There was the constant roar of the surf and it the late afternoon the dolphins came out to play and jumped out of water.  We often saw moms and babies.  There was a great deck set out on the pass perfectly located to watch the show or simply get loss in the surf.

Henry took the dive of his life, in the pass.  He was dropped in offshore and he flew underwater through the pass into the lagoon.  It was his longest dive (50min) and his deepest (30 m) and he dove with dolphins.   GM went out for two days, once with Owen and once with Henry to bonefish.  The fish proved to be as allusive as always but everyone had a least one good fish.

As a family we spent one of the days an hour into the lagoon on a sandy spot where we had a lunch of grilled surgeon, parrot and groper.  We were able to watch our guide use a speargun to catch our lunch.  It was fresh and I personally loved the surgeon.  After our lunch, GM and I read a bit while the kids played, first “kick the coconut “(bad idea, that hurt) and then the more successful “capture the coconut.”  One our way back to the pension we stopped at the foot of the pass and saw an amazing coral garden with more fish that we had seen in all our snorkels put together.  It was pretty cool.

After 3 full days on Rangoria we headed back to Papeete on Tahiti to spend another night at the fabulous Airport Motel.

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