Random Photo

We shot this this photo on Easter Island.  Seeing this prompted the discussion of what the distances both east and west Easter Island was from Mecca.  We speculated it must be pretty close to being halfway.  We googled it and Mecca is almost 11,000 miles west and north of Easter Island.

Day two – day five, Easter Island

We had an early flight to Easter Island.  Our airport accommodations made this extremely easy and we checked in found a Starbucks and awaited for our departure.  We had a 5+ hour flight on a very comfortable plane.  It had a pretty up to date  media console.  I began watching the complete season of The […]

The Trip, day one, Leaving Buenos Aires to Santiago

Saying goodbye.  It sucked.  We said good-bye to the house, to the people that lived there with us and to our life in Argentina that we had been living for 7 ½ years.  I had been anticipating this goodbye for almost a year. Sporadic airport closures for the last few weeks leading up to our […]

Lincoln International (what I will miss #6)

Despite appearances, I am still in political exile in Argentina.  The on air silence is due to the myriad of tactical items I have on my to do list.  Happy to report I have made some progress and I pretty much have done all I can do up to this point.  My priorities at the […]