El Supermercado (What i will miss #5)

There are three things I will look forward to in my domestic chore of food preparation once I return to the States: Costco, Trader Joes and Whole Foods.   There is a downside to all the options and never-ending supply of new products.  It all takes time.  And sometimes walking up and down the aisles browsing […]

New Federal Holiday – Carnival of course!

Chances are,that where you live, you are not enjoying a four-day weekend.   Today and tomorrow are not federal holidays unless you live in Brazil and Argentina. Its Carnival!!  Anyone who knows Argentina, knows it’s not a Carnival kind of country.  While there are some celebrations in the northern part of the country near Brazil, […]

Blogging, Beach, Birthdays and Beth

I have been off the air for awhile. Last week I received a message from the blog provider saying that they were suspending my posting privileges while they investigated a complaint??!!  Within 36 hours they had lifted the restriction on my posting.  Never knew what exactly it was about and apparently I am not going […]