La Rural

We have attended 6 rurals in Junín.  La Rural is the equivalent of a state fair, but heavy on the agricultural.  Each provincia in Argentina has a La Rural Society which is basically the lobbying arm of agricultural here in Argentina. Each summer in Neuquen (it’s the province, also a city and a palindrome!) the  La Rural has their big fair in our little town of Junin de los Andes.  The Fairgrounds are beautiful.Along with the tractor, fertilizers and livestock related companies’ booths to visit,  there is some shopping and eating to be done. While not a fried candy bar, Argentina does lay claim to one of the more sugar laden treats imaginable.  Its called a cucurucho.  You take a large waffle cone, the ones here are dipped in chocolate and then filled to capacity with dulce de leche.  Dulce de leche is like a caramel, but not quite.  It’s milkier.  Kind of like toasted sweetened condensed milk.  Its tasty, but in the quantity that it takes to fill up a waffle cone, even this sweet tooth winces thinking about eating one.  It’s more than meets the excessiveness of a deep fried Oreo.

As I said there is shopping, although limited in its variety.  Lots of trinkets, clothes, boots, carves wood items, spectacularly beautiful knives and gorgeous woven things.  This fair we bought a beautiful and big sheepskin rug, and some campo wear for our housekeeper’s 18 month old son. Georgie has been saving up for the last few months to buy chachkies, and that she did.

But the highlight for all of us is the animals.  There are some exotic chickens, impressive cattle and beautiful horses.

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