Lunch on the River

Today was beautiful.  It was perfect for the river.  We had a picnic/campfire and then swimming, riding the current down and reading in the dappled shade.  It was pretty idyllic until I was forced back into reality and faced the on going project of cleaning out closets and drawers.  Thanks to Cal I will have […]

La Laguna

It was hot today.  Over ninety.  And while it is very dry here, the sun was strong and in the steppe, shade comes at a premium.  It was a perfect day for a swim in the laguna.  Even on a day like today the river water can take your breath away.  But the laguna is […]

Better Late than Never: Skiing in the Andes

GM took George and Owen to a ski mountain called Chapelco in northern Patagonia the end of last August.  Left me with Cal and Henry and their copious schoolwork loads.  As you can see from the video Cal edited, it was a nice place to be.  They lucked out with good snow and decent weather.  […]


During summer break, more often than not, I am shamed out of bed by the kids around 10:00.  They have been up for hours and have helped themselves to some cold cereal or on the odd morning GM isn’t out fishing, he has made them omelets,   George is usually the one that will come into […]

Falling Water, of sorts

Well the tree house is done.  And its quiet impressive. There is a world famous troutstream running through it.  And there is some carefully crafted and esthetically pleasing furniture designed into the structure.  Its like Frank Lloyd Wright was an untrained architect/builder and a wine box is an beautiful and multifunctional built-in.  Use your imagination. […]

Tree House of Dreams

Every year we set up a temporary camp along the river.  A place to have cookouts,  a swim and we set up a tent for overnights.  The last few years we had a perfect spot across our river channel on the island.  This year when we went to set up Tevez ran into a herd […]


I finally got this photo of the kids.  Now I don’t even try to entice them with hot cocoa, I am negioting with each one separately, and this year Henry served as an agent for Georgie.  I sent this photo out with our well wishes and a satirical jab at the traditional annual letter that […]

Better late than never: Henry’s birthday

Henry Turned 15 the beginning of December.  He had a chocolate cake to the extreme.  No photo this year but pretty much this again.  He is like a real teenager now, not a wannabe one.  Full on, talking about college, girls and driving a car.  Frightening!!!!  Here is pretty much what you get when trying […]

Better late than never: Halloween

I love this photo of Eloise (George) and her dad. She was the only kid in the family to make an effort this Halloween. Owen is too cool to dress up for school parade. But for candy handouts he was a Derek Jeter Zombie? The older two just settled for pilfering candy from the younger […]


If you know us or know this blog you know that we are baseball fans, specifically Yankee fans.  And in a pinch, San Francisco Giant fans, which worked well for us last October.  And while GM played little league and high school ball, and I was a batgirl when Little League was boys only, Owen […]

Biblical Times

We had been having pretty spectacular weather until New Year’s Eve Day.  It became humid and rainy.  In the following days we had thunder, lightening and hail.  All mostly unheard of in our semi desert micro-climate.  It felt quite biblical when the 7.1 earthquake hit yesterday in Chile.  It didn’t faze the kids as you […]