And for the educational part of our vacation, part two

So we left swampy Washington DC and headed to equally swampy Gettysburg.  We arrived late afternoon to a rainstorm and Nick (GM’s eccentric college friend) sitting by the pool of the motel where we were staying  (he wasn’t, he was camping).  The kids took a quick dip in the pool while we waited for eccentric friend number #2 (Dean) to show up.  After  Dean’s arrival and several beers and cocktails, it seemed like a good idea to load up  the car with the 4 kids and go find some dinner.  We found a nice outside spot where the noise pollution of  a town of 10,000 helps to muffle the racket coming out of the kids.  After dinner and obscenely large desserts we headed back to the motel for American Cable TV viewing in a ridiculously cold air conditioned room.

We started the next day early  (7:00) in order to watch the Argentine Team play their second game of the groups.  Beat South Korea 4 to 1.  We watched a little of the following game before we left for town to find a lunch location and buy a snow globe.  After lunch we headed over to our bicycle tour of the Gettysburg Battlefields.  Highly recommend it.  It was a great way to see and understand the history of what happen there, even in the heat.  We were escorted through the park by a High School History Teacher/Park Ranger.  He was extremely knowledgeable but lacked a sense of humor which made him the butt of a lot a jokes from our crowd.  Its was fascinating and horrific and not so much a huge battle (although at the final battle, Pickett’s Charge 15,000 troops were involved) but more a series of scrimmages, strategic missteps and tactical happenstance.  It was excellent and all the kids did great on bikes for 10 miles and 4 hours.  Dean was the only causality.  His tire blew out on the one long down hill.  He was being a good friend too, by pulling up the rear in order to not lose any of the kids.  We’ll the joke was on him.  No one noticed his missing for a mile or more  (including our Park Ranger).  Poor Dean had to walk his bike downhill until someone (I think it was GM) acknowledged his frantic texting.  The bike tour company came quickly and replaced the bike.  We finished our tour with ice cream and italian ices all around.  We had some Pennsylvania Dutch Mexican food and then more swimming pool, TV and drinks.  The kids had guests in their room.  Nick and Dean decided against camping for a second night and slept on the floor .  Not sure how that was an improvement.  Dean had left at the break of dawn mortified that he had done something that he hadn’t done since college.  Nick, on the other hand saw us off and even set us up with some coffee.

We left Gettysburg which wasn’t easy.  No wonder there were so many problems with the supply line in and out of there during the battle!  We headed northwest to visit with Dave and Joanne, friends from Junin de los Andes.  They are great because they like kids.  They took really good care of us.  Great Food, a good TV for viewing games, a refreshing pool (weather continued to be hot and humid) and lots of fun stuff for the kids to do like there very first Slip’n’Slide!  There was Smores and sparklers too.  Joanne also arranged for us to visit a Amish school house (out of session) and it was a trip.  The pull down world map predated WWII.  A special thanks to Joanne trying to help us find a Amish themed snow globe.  Didn’t happen but not because we didn’t try…

Next, on to Wilton for 9 days.


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Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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