Pinstripes by Owen

A special thanks to Geary the Liar for the 10lb snow globe that you so generously gave to O on his birthday. It was no problem at all traveling with it for 4 weeks, in our suitcases. In and out of the car and on to several flying segments..thanks again.

If I had to pick one thing that was the best on our vacation it would be going to see the Yankees play in their new stadium.  The stadium  is really cool because its big and there are lots of things you can do during the game.  There is a Yankee Museum or you can just walk around and look at the walls where they have put pictures that tell the history of the team.  There  lots of different eating options.  Some are new ideas and some are old like the soft serve ice cream in the plastic helmet.

At the game we saw the Yankees play against the Mets.  The Yankees won 4-0.  Mark Teixeira had a grand slam (first  home run or grand slam I have seen live).  It was really hot but that it made it feel like a summer baseball game.  And the seats were really comfy.

The next best thing I did on vacation was to go on a Yankee Stadium tour four days later.  This was on a different day because you can’t do the full tours when the team is at home.  The tour was for my birthday party. We invited a bunch of friends.  There were 17 of us for the tour and then there was a birthday dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.  On the tour we went to the Yankee Museum and Monument Park.  After that we went to the dugout which was really cool because we could walk on the field and sit where the players sit during a game.  After that we went to the batting cages where the players practice their hitting.  We saw the refrigerator where AJ Burnett keeps the whip cream for the “walk off” pies.  Then we went to the clubhouse which was really cool, the coolest thing about the tour.  In the clubhouse you could see each player’s locker and where they keep their stuff.  Derek Jeter had the biggest locker because he is the captain and needs the space for all  his fan mail.

Once the tour was over we went to The Hard Rock Cafe that is in the stadium.  We had a good dinner and an ice cream cake from Carvel.  Everything was yummy and we got goody bags with lots of Yankee stuff.  There was a Yankee hat, a key chain, a pen that looked like a bat, Yankee notepad and a Hard Rock Cafe Yankee Stadium pin.  It ranks first in birthday parties I can remember.

On our trip we went to two other MLB games, a Colorado Rockies game (they won) and a San Francisco Giants game (they won).  The other games were good but the Yankees was the best.

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Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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