Stylist Intervention

Metropolitan Home or Museum?

I like a good shelter read.  Living in Argentina I have very much limited access to good design glossies.  Fortunately, the internet is a pretty decent substitute.  And I am not talking Lonny... yawn.  I am talking interior design blogs that edit out the boring crap and feature beautiful, provocative and sometimes insane interiors.  Some of these people are designers, moms and dedicated bloggers (you like making me feel inadequate?) and some are people that have a strong P.O.V due to a related vocation and some are documenting their own home projects.  These blogs are human, funny and educational.  And while I read a lot of these blogs I could never do what they do, the passion doesn’t run that quite that deep. Need to leave room for rabid political opinions and high carb cooking.

But I thought it would be funny and lazy to once in awhile feature what is a real pet peeve of mine, over stylized interior photos. Stylized to the point of stupidity, to the point of not selling the space, to the point of laughter.

Here we go:

Is that a kleenex box and a spliff?
Too much stuff+faux vintage+chalkboard paint = YUCK
Who needs counter space?
what can you say?

Missed a spot!

Here is a shout out to some of my favorite design blogs that I learn from and laugh with.

Kitchen and Residential Design:  Paul knows his shit, has a great passion for mosaic, and has a honest and biting sense of humor

If the lamp shade fits : I dont know what I like more about Raina, her great modern bohemian style or her unapologetic snarkiness

The house that A-M built :  I delightfully sweet and funny mom/business woman who was the general contractor on her own brand new family house in Brisbane, Australia

Ugly House Photos :  In the same genre as Awkward Family Photos,  not really educational but funny!

About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

2 Responses

  1. Hey, thank you for the shout out. Listing me with Raina makes me feel like I’ve made it. Do you two correspond too? Raina’s a scream and a really good human being.

    Enjoy your Santa Semana get away Elizabeth.

  2. emily lang

    Hi, hate to admit that from a post where you bash a stylists sense that I’m asking about this. But I really want to paint my bedroom the color that is on the wall in the green room. I’ve been looking for the right shade of green for awhile and I just happened upon this random picture. Was wondering if you could tell me what the source of that image is?

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