And not in a good way.  I havent been able to get back into a routine since returning from Patagonia.  I am functioning, but barely.  I can get the kids to school, I can even get to the gym, but after that, until I have to get the kids from school and to their activities, my nightly stint at being  homework  warden, and making sure they are fed and clean before they go to bed, I do nothing.  I read, I surf, I sleep. I have so much I could be doing.  I have made numerous lists, lists with deadlines, lists with modified deadlines and now I don’t even know where these lists live…..

I am giving myself until Monday to stop this bad behavior. I have the kids solo for the weekend and more.  I am going to try to keep them busy and happy and start the week right with a great weekend.  Alice in Wonderland, bowling baking naughty sweets, and lots of swimming are in the cards.

Wish me luck.

About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

5 Responses

  1. Ginny Hostetter

    EWO, Like the Queen of Hearts, we all need a fat-bellied pig to put our feet up on. Personally, I have been in a coma the entire month of February and have no legitimate excuse such as your demanding schedule. So, I am going to re-ignite with an overnight trip to NYC. I am banking on the The Lowell, artwork, window shopping, vodka and my sister to do the trick. Keep writing! Love, Gin

  2. a-m

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes you need to do what your body is telling you what it wants. We all work so hard as mothers… we all deserve to slacken off a bit and just chill. Your weekend sounds great! A-M xx

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